Friday, August 5, 2011

The Shock Treatment

It's early morning. It's the school holidays and I'm under serious pressure. If you have three sons you'll know what I mean. Therefore, when I get up in the morning and do my quick surf of the news sites I do not want to see pictures that make me feel ill such as this one:

That, my friends, is VAL KILMER.

Yes. Val Kilmer! Look, I know getting old ain't good to any of us, particularly if you've eaten too many pies, but let's be honest here Val Kilmer used to be hot, hot, hot. Now he looks like Ken Dodd's younger brother. Yeah, you know who Ken Dodd is - the comedian with the tickling brush and the Diddy Men.

What can I say? I hope it's a temporary thing for Val but after having a (very) bad day yesterday and scoffing 2 slices of pizza, 2 flapjacks, a shortbread and a consolatory bar of chocolate from the good Mr T and now today, after seeing that piccy of Val, I am definitely back on the straight and narrow. Strictly bread and water. I do not want to look like Ken's younger sister. Even if I have got a tickling brush.

A short story coming soon. Why not? I have to inflict in someone it might as well be you lot!


  1. Ken Dodd? But that is how I looked yesterday! It was not a good day: mum's all-day kitchen was feeling the strain. It's the total lack of mental stimulation and the absence of any peace and quiet either - unless a Nintendo Wii is involved ...

    Shouts of 'tidy your bedroom!' fall on deaf ears and I will tell only you that, by the end of the day, my secret stash of Fruit Gums was no more. When hubby got home, he had to listen to my frustrated rant. His face said 'why did I bother coming home?' but he actually said 'why didn't you go out and do something?'. The point is: I didn't want to go out. (Indeed, given that I looked like Ken Dodd, I probably would have been arrested.) Grrr!

    Short story? Yes, please!

  2. Apologies for delay in replying Mrs B - hectic week at the tennis club!

    I cannot believe you have ever looked like Ken Dodd Mrs B! A lady of sophistication such as yourself would never look so... so...dishevelled?! (Besides your teeth are perfectly straight.)

    The short story maybe that one you have seen - with a few adjustments. I am building up to posting it slowly... it's a bit of an usual story as you know. Mice, cake and no 2s in one story is bit daring/stupid/revolutionary. (Delete as you think fit Mrs B but I suggest sticking with "stupid".)

  3. I look like pic no 2 first thing in the morning if its any consolation . Have you seen his hair and chins ? "shudder"
    I am looking forward to that short story Mrs T. been away for too long .

  4. Well, you might have warned me! Any photo of Ken Dodd should be given a wide berth by anyone of a nervous disposition!
    Looking forward to the story. Will there be pictures as well? Like *cough* Playboy?
    Nope, thought not.......

  5. Welcome back Mrs G! A long time indeed but good to hear your voice:))

    That's you and Mrs B looking like Ken Dodd; I am getting seriously worried that us ladies are being badly affected by our hormones! I have actually seen Ken Dodd live - about 3/4 years ago at a local theatre - he is hysterically funny and his show went on far beyond the allotted time which was great and I can confirm that that picture is a genuine representation!

  6. Well now Martin, I shall put some pictures in especially for you:) Unfortunately, they won't be the piccys you're interested in - but it's the thought that counts!! Anyway, that reminds me I must give an update on my "research" You'll have to forgive my slackness in blogging and reading - during the school holidays I fly by the seat of pants:))

  7. Don't ask me to feel sorry for anyone who used to be "hot, hot, hot" and who isn't aging gracefully. I was born looking so much like Ken Dodd that my mother always made me wear two nappies - the second went over my head. At least, with that as a starting point, one can only improve with age.

  8. So the nappy over the head was for the bad looks and not because you were spouting the proverbial eh, PB??

    Now, come, come, you're a good looking fella! I can't believe your looks were that bad as a toddler - although I have seen that piccy of you with the long hair in the 1970s so maybe I should leave myself margin for error:))

  9. Glad to know the bad dreams are over. Was it care of the pizza slices etc? Hope so. Waiting for the story.

  10. Ho hum Sue:) That made me giggle! There's usually pizza in the freezer so I'm not sure it was that was that causing me the anxiety - although I have to say it was a particularly delicious one so maybe it was!


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