Friday, August 19, 2011

Opinions Please

I'm sure that most of you across the world have read of the recent rioting in the UK. It's been a few worrying weeks and many people have been musing over the possible causes of the terrible events; bad parenting, a weak penal system, economic crisis, political incompetence, poor education and so on. It is, of course, the result of many combining factors. It's a tragic situation and in the past, amongst my usual silly posts, I've written more serious articles on how the changes in society, particularly with respect to education during the Labour government, have caused me great concern.

I have, however, recently discovered another reason for the riots; one of my ladies from the Book Club sent me a truly shocking picture depicting a heinous crime. Apparently, the offending picture was taken on the opening night of the riots at a social event in Tottenham; I was gob smacked at the overt irresponsibility demonstrated in the picture - so much so, that bile gathered in my throat, my knees buckled and my hair stood on end. I just couldn't believe the sickening audacity of the crime.

You must brace yourself, Readers, for something truly shocking...

Now come on Readers, you have to admit it - if you were the mother-in law of the bride who chose this cake wouldn't you cause a riot?

Now where did I put my sunglasses....


  1. Is that a cake or did a pack of cards have an enema?

  2. I think we can safely say the pack of cards had an enema Sy:))Perosnally, I think it's Krusty the Clown's birthday cake....

  3. Horribly over the top! But who cares what it looks like if it tastes good.

    No chance of a piece, I suppose?

  4. seriously challenged - whoever thought this up . I'd probably throttle the old biddy Mrs T.

  5. I suppose so Martin:) I'm am partial to a piece of cake myself but nevertheless I think even I would hesitate to get my gnashers into this one!

    I don't think there's any left Martin - I heard it was so burnt under the icing it was used to break the windows in Footlocker...:))

  6. "Seriously challenged" - love it Mrs G ! Award yourself a gold star for being very PC! (I do of course know exactly what you mean:))

    I love the green ribbons though don't you? Almost an after thought... I can just see bride and mother standing next to it;

    "I not sure it's colourful enough..."

    "How about some green bows then?"

    "And some orange kites?"

    "I don't know...that might be overdoing it...."

  7. OMG, is this really a wedding cake? And love Mrs G's & @Sy's comments :-) Can quite see this starting a riot.

  8. Unfortunately it is a wedding cake, Sue! It's not my cup of tea but you have to admit the bravery of it:))

  9. Awesome in its ghastliness. Someone probably thought they'd created a masterpiece, too. The mind just boggles.

  10. Yes, tis awful Mrs B. Not sure if it actually is a cake- or whether it's Lady Gaga's latest headgear.


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