Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alien Silence

Dear Readers,  I am experiencing technical difficulties with that icon of British business British Telecommunications, otherwise known as BT. If you do not hear from me for days, weeks or possibly months it is because BT contractors have cut the cable outside my house and I have no phone or broadband. I am currently writing this from the local tennis club.

Now the last time I had an issue with BT it took two whole months to sort. So, as you can imagine, I am not expecting this matter to be sorted imminently. Now I could bore you to death with my previous BT saga but frankly that would probably result in high blood pressure and early death for me and immense boredom for yourselves. However, I do have a few succinct words to say on this matter;


  1. Can't believe they aren't pulling out all te hstops to sort it straight away. The contractors should surely be called back in immediately?

    Anyway - my solution would be to get on Twitter and start moaning there. Seems company PR depts are very sensitive about Twitter bad publicity and this tends to get things moving.

    Although I suppose ironically you can't as you have no broadband...

  2. Yes, unbelievable E- especially as it appears to be affecting half the street!

    Am not Twitter as am inclined to think it's the sort of thing I'd get addicted to....although...

    Maybe I need a smart phone:)

  3. I think this incident PROVES you need a smart phone, And so do I - after all am only yards away ...Anything could happen when one is in such close proximity to Turley Towers...

  4. Good luck and think happy thoughts. I'm looking at a good possibility of losing my internet tomorrow due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Irene.

  5. You are right E - I am sold on a smart phone now. Currently at Tennis Club researching who has the strongest connection in the village. It's not Vodafone though - as that can't pick any signal at all on my (not so useful) dongle.

    Should the workmen return on Tuesday (I doubt it though as they will need parts will take 3 weeks to manufacture which will then take a further 2 weeks be delivered because of an unknown postal strike/illness/balls up in Taiwan OR because BT can't organise a piss up in a brewery) I will be setting up my camping chair, thermos in hand, at the scene of the crime and making sure they don't leave it until it is a) fixed or b) someone has suffered acute bodily harm.

  6. I thank you G:) And may I commiserate with you at the thought of losing your connections through hurricane Irene.(Hope you don't suffer any other damage as well.) I can stomach the thought of these interruptions causes by nature wrecking havoc -annoying as it may be - but alas two men in a van with a spade and a pair of cutters who don't appear to know wire A from wire B I find a tad more annoying:))

    I think I will take sandwiches with my thermos:))

  7. If they cut the wire, can't they just, uh, stick/weld/glue it together again??! Someone keeps stealing the copper wires round our way - or so we were told - and that got sorted in, ooh, days. Very frustrating days, though. PS Vodafone dongle works quite well up near boys' old school and passingly well in Tesco's car park ... How I wish I didn't need to know stuff like that.

  8. Mrs B - firstly I am at the tennis club again (Yes, it is my second home and where fortunately we have free wifi) my connection has not been restored.

    Well you would have thought these merry men would be able to sort it but presumably they drove off realising what they'd done or just fancied wrapping up work at 1pm for a long bank holiday weekend leaving half the street with no connections!

    My vodafone Dongle is dead. Completely. Our village is obviously situated closer the Outer Hebrides that I thought! (Also, it doesn't appear to work in Yorkshire - although possibly that is not so surprising:))


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