Monday, August 8, 2011

Jean Claude Van Damme's Pants Are Too Tight.

I apologise, Readers, but I must interrupt the current spate of stupidity on this blog with yet more stupidity.

I have just seen this advert, starring a weather beaten Jean Claude Van Damme:


What the hell is that all about?

His pants are frozen rock solid?

He's walking like a penguin?

Cripes, I am so perplexed about that advert I have no idea what lager he's advertising! But if it's frozen his assets it can't be good.

You know, on balance, I don't think that penguin walk has anything to do with lager. He's trying to put us of the scent:

I think he's had a vasectomy.


  1. HEY Jane,

    i read some of your write up's good great drama.this one may be the video is not responding....the other one's i keeled over some,made me think ...the office rat was blissful..didn't know a rat could bring a date.good going.Plz visit my blog http://withsaltnpepper.blogspot

  2. Hi Sindhu:)

    Oh dear- sometimes these video clips don't work in other countries. It's annoying - I get that a lot with You Tube clips from the states. But take my word - it's a completely stupid advert.You're not missing much except the laughs- I only hope they paid Van Damme A LOT of money to do it!

    Glad you liked my story though:) many thanks:))

    Will pop over and see what you're up to!


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