Friday, March 19, 2010

New Thoughts, Different Voices and Fresh Avenues for The View From Here

I have a little exciting news especially for those amongst you who are interested in writing with a view to publication.

The View From Here, for whom I have been writing for over a year now, has entered into a ground breaking agreement in the publishing world. Yesterday The Bookseller broke the news that a formal agreement has been reached between The View and 14 publishers who have agreed to work with The View From Here to help identify the best new and emerging writers. As part of this agreement the publishers will receive monthly printed copies of The View enabling them to have ready access to writers and poets who have already been spotted by The View editorial team.

In the UK the publishers are Random House, Bloomsbury, Canongate, Penguin Books, Fourth Estate, Faber & Faber, Little Brown Book Group, Legend Press, Alma Books & Tindal Street Press. These publishing houses, which as you can see include some of the biggest names in the industry, have been joined by Unbridled Books and Milkweed Editions in the US and Text Publishing and Allen & Unwin in Australia.

For those of you seeking publication, this is an amazing opportunity to bypass the legendary slush piles of publishing houses and have your work printed in a magazine that not only challenges preconceived ideas about writing magazines but one which champions the cause of fresh new talent in a visually stunning and provocative manner.

The View positively welcomes submissions from new and aspiring writers and poets and you can check out the submission guidelines here. And for more details of this amazing agreement read this article over at The View From Here.

"The View From Here is one of the most exciting literary magazines to have appeared since I started out – not only does it have excellent content, a passionate following, but it seems to be right in stride with new developments and constantly looking for ways to be at the forefront of the publishing and literary world." Tom Chalmers, Legend Press

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