Friday, March 5, 2010

Flash Fiction; An Enterprising Story

Just before he jumped Gerald cleared his mind of everything except the image of Claire as he’d last seen her dressed as Mr Spock at a Star Trek convention.

For years Claire had plagued him with her obsession but the look on Leonard Nimoy’s face when she’d asked him to autograph twenty-three books was the breaking point. He’d get his revenge by making her the subject of ridicule as the woman whose husband had killed himself dressed as a wombat.

He’d considered dressing for the big day as a Vulcan just to get his message across but instead he'd randomly chosen a wombat. Claire wouldn't be able to figure out why - no matter how much “logic” she applied. In fact, she'd probably write to Leonard for advice. As usual, he’d reply with a signed photo with the postscript “Live long and prosper” which, for once, would have a certain irony.

Gerald took a final glimpse over the cliff edge, imagining Claire behind him, phaser wedged between his ribs. Then propelling himself forwards, he stretched his arms wide and fell into space.

But instead of his life flashing before him as he imagined would happen, Gerald began to fly, soaring on the crest of the wind like a heavenly seagull.

“Fuck you, Starship Enterprise!” he screamed, riding the currents with childish delight until, with a gentle flop, he lay giggling in the breaking surf.

He’d tell Claire he’d discovered how the transporter worked.

Then he’d go on a mission. Where he’d explore strange new worlds, seek out a new life, a new civilization, and boldly go where he had never been before.


  1. This is intriguing. Will Claire dare to dress as Mrs. Brown?

  2. Who's to say Lawyer Mom?! But I think it would be a more definitive case of madness!

  3. I do hate bloody endings. Mrs T you are an absolute softie :p

  4. Sshh Mrs G - don't let my secret out:) I don't want everyone knowing I weep at those puppy adverts:)

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  7. Well I finally got hit by spammers!Still, nice to know there's people around with a lot of time on their hands:)

  8. Welcome to My Witty Ways Crazy Brunette:)

    Oh for a real transporter eh? Just imagine all that time saved - I'm working on my own version at the moment - Unfortunately the Pogo Stick and feathers doesn't get me very far:)

  9. I'm with you guys... Imagine the places we could go from here on our transporter.

    I'll meet you in Zanwanipappa for coffee and chocolate... :) Bring a bathing suit.

  10. I hope Zanwanipappa is an exotic location Mr I - I've got expensive tates you know!!

    Ps Good to see you back:)

  11. LANGUAGE MRS T! Old age has resulted in the loosening of the vocab - and I love it!! You're the funniest blogger around by a mile. :)

  12. And just want is wrong with my language Mr D?! Any verbal indiscretion in this blog is for artistic purposes only:) In real life my language is as pure and clean.

    Hmm..that's a nice compliment! And so very true:)) You may change your mind though when you receive the book review I've just written of A Tale of Two Halves!


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