Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Inglorious Glorious Film!

Inglorious Bastards (3-Disc Special Edition)Towards the end of last year, my blog buddy Gary Davison gave the film Inglorious Bastards a splendid review on his site. So when I happened to see it on a shelf at the supermarket before Christmas with the byline "Special interview with Quentin Tarantino,"  being a big fan of war movies, I popped it in the trolley.

Little did I know, until last night, that I had actually bought the 1978 version of  Inglorious Bastards directed by the Italian Enzo. G. Castellari and not the 2009 film starring Brad Pitt which Gary had reviewed. (It had a different cover to one shown here which looked a bit arty and contemporary.)

But I'm mighty glad I picked up the wrong copy because the 1978 version is an absolute hoot! I haven't laughed so much in ages; the film is so bad it is brilliant! Imagine every war cliche you can think of, transpose them into a dire Italian film dubbed in English and you have a work of sheer genius. It's like Aiplane but made as a serious film -although how anyone could take it seriously is hard to believe!

The plot is simple - basically a bunch of American military convicts are being transported to somewhere or other (at this stage I was still cursing Gary for recommending some shite Seventies film  - so I didn't quite take in their destination.) Their convoy is bombed, they escape and disguise themselves as German soldiers killing lots of Germans in the process. They also mistakenly kill some American soldiers (who are also dressed as Germans!) who are on a secret mission. (Oh dear, Operation Overlord suspended!) Then, trying to make their way to Switzerland, they get into even more ridiculous escapades including the remarkable discovery of a host of naked women bathing in a pool. ( This was stretching even my imagination a little too far but fortunately by this time the Barcardi was kicking in and I was half-cut.) The Americans then run into the French Resistance who think they are the Americans the convicts killed and subsequently they take over the secret mission defusing a V2 bomb, blowing up a bridge and killing lots more Germans. Eventually (and perhaps not surprisingly) they all get killed - except the one who falls in love with the French Resistance nurse.(Ahhhhhhhh!)

So to sum up; the film is kinda like The Dirty Dozen - but sucks. In good way!

Here's a taste of just how bad/good this film is:


  1. Sounds wonderfully bad. All it needs is for a couple of the soldiers to be wearing home-made Viking helmets, one in a tutu and for one of the naked women to go beserk with a wet tea towel because... well, because she's sick of appearing in bad films.

  2. Spot on PB! I loved to have seen what someone like Mel Brooks would have done to this script:)

  3. The new one is fantastic. Worth a three quid rental for definate.

  4. Wow... I like your new design. I missed this movie but I'll look for it in the rental section. Looks like a good way to spend a boring afternoon..... This silly movie and a few margaritas. Thanks.

  5. Hey, good to see you Mr I:) Glad you like my new look - I think this is my favourite so far - hmm..I probably say that everytime:)

    Yep, the film is certainly best digested with a little alcohol! You'll have to let me know what you think when you've had a viewing:)

  6. Will do. So what's new with you? Are you enjoying the better weather? What's planned for the summer? :)

  7. Nothing new going on Mr I:) A troublesome week last week though -had to put the last of my elderly cats to sleep:( Tipped boiling water on my hand and scalded it badly...

    You know just my usual stuff:)))

    No plans to go away this summer; a quiet summer - probably very wet as usual:) Hawaii again for you?? Lots more piccys please... interesting ones that spark my curosity please:))

  8. Oh no.... Sorry to hear about your kitty. And hot water too! Not your week indeed. Please do take care of yourself. Your fans need you.


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