Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Year On...

Well today is a day which has been looming in my mind for quite sometime; it's the first anniversary of my mother's death.

It's been a tough year. My mother was not just my mother but also my best friend and I've missed those times where we shared personal triumphs or upsets. As we travelled through life it was those intimate moments that brought us closer together. Learning to share our thoughts, feelings, opinions and problems made the bad times better and the good times happier.

A few weeks ago I took delivery of some of my mother's furniture. Her small two seater sofa and matching ladies' chair now sit comfortably in my study which is looking more and more like a parlour straight out of a Jane Austen Novel. (Although perhaps not quite so tidy!) Most of the time I'm still at my computer but sometimes I just sit in her chair and read just like she used to do.

And you know I rather like it that way.

My mother on The Costa Del Sol in about 1952


  1. I knit sometimes when I'm thinking of my grandmother. Don't make anything really, I just like to recall how it felt to have her there.

  2. That's nice Laura; I know just what you mean:)

  3. The first year is so hard - anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, an endless list of absence...

    She sounds a wonderful person - I met her just the once, and wish it had been more often. I shall raise a glass to her this evening. And to you.


  4. Thanks Mrs A,

    Make sure it's a big glass. Mum would have approved of that:)

  5. Best wishes.

    She sounds lovely. Her picture certainly is.

  6. hugs to you Jane. Yes the first year is the hardest.

  7. I can understand. I too wanted my mother to stay on for ever. I am a grandmother now but still long for my mother's presence although it is 8 years since she left us.will pray for her and you too.

  8. Sue and Hip Grandma,

    Thank you:) Your thoughts, hugs and prayers are much appreciated:)

  9. Oh Mrs T I know just what you mean . I use my Mum's sarees and feel that much closer to her .The first year is so hard - I 'm not saying it becomes better later but its is a little easier . Hugs :)

  10. A year already? Must have been a tough year for you. IT will be a while before you can cherish her memories without the pain. I hope it will be soon. Hugs.
    Lovely picture.

  11. Mrs G,

    I am glad you wear your mum's sarees, I also wear some of my mum's clothes. I know some poeple find that sort of thing ghoulish but I find it comforting and I like thinking about my mum because I have only good memories:)

    Thank you Dear Usha:)


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