Friday, October 23, 2009

They're Back Once More!

Back in February during one of my Music Monday posts I talked about the announcement of the reunion of 80's supergroup Spandau Ballet. Well this week saw the release of their new album and single Once More.

Once More is an album consisting of some of their biggest hits updated and two new releases including the title track. It's a fabulous song and with Tony's splendid voice, Gary's consummate composition skills and Martin, Steve and John's musical abilities if Once More is anything to go by then Spandau Ballet's comeback maybe one of the biggest comebacks of recent times. Let's face it the guys make Take That look like amateurs!

Here's the new single;

I love it! Fancy having a hint of how they've reworked some of the old hits? Then check out this free album sampler courtesy of The Guardian newspaper. I liked what I heard and I'll be picking up my copy as soon as I can!


  1. Enjoyed that. Thanks, Jane. Has still got that distinctive Spandau Ballet style to it. And not quite a boy band, I guess, even though I could imagine four twenty-year-olds/ thirty-year-olds doing some badly choreographed synchronised dance steps to this tune! :-)

  2. Yes, still very distinctively Spandau Ballet (in their later years anyway). The sample of the new album was very intriguing though - I'm always a little bit nervous about reworking old songs but some of the samples sound very good indeed.

    Thank goodness Spandau never did synchronised dance moves! Not really my seen either... I blame The Osmonds:))

  3. I can't believe what I'm hearing here! Or seeing, there is no sound. Spandau Ballet are shocking and old, and the hair dye is pretty naughty. thumbs down for me, I'm afraid.

  4. Thank goodness I have you and your Monday Music posts to keep me hip and with it.

  5. Gary,

    Now what is your musical taste Gary? I am most interested to know!

    Girls Aloud, Sugarbabes, Beyonce
    by any chance?!

    Lawyer Mom,

    I try! You should see me in my torn jeans when I'm getting down with the gang:)


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