Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunset over Coral Bay

In our daily lives we are often so busy working, commuting and fulfilling our obligations that we don't get the opportunity to appreciate the really simple and beautiful things in life. I know I don't. More often then not, I'm travelling when the sun is setting and although I frequently glance at the sky and fleetingly admire the beauty, I never really have the time to watch the day turn into night.

I suppose that's the real bonus of holidays. Having a little bit of time away from the daily grind that allows the senses to re-awaken and take in our new surroundings. The tastes on our palettes, the fragrances in the air, the warmth of the sun seems so incredibly vital and strong. Maybe that's why holiday memories are often so poignant and remain with us for years.

It's pretty hard work entertaining a family wherever you are in the world but there was a few quiet moments I recall in Cyprus that made my holiday memorable. Late at night, when all was quiet, I got to swim in the pool by myself, float on my back, and gaze up at the stars. One night I was convinced I saw a shooting star... and I remember thinking to myself There's a story in those stars.

Then down at the beach one evening I took these photos;

You know sometimes words are not enough.


  1. Very Nice... I've got some "catch-up" reading to do on your blog. Looks like a lovely vacation. Welcome back.

  2. Your postcard came this morning!

  3. Beautiful! Yes sometimes words just aren't enough!

  4. Thanks Mr I. Well there were some good points, bad points and some amusing points about my vacation. Nothing, as you know, is plain sailing in my household:) I look forward to seeing you around.

    Ps- Have you got your Mantyhose yet??

    Mrs A - Unbelievable! That's got to be over a month!

    Umm...I seem to recall the picture wasn't quite as scenic as this one:)

    Sue - Exactly!

  5. Well it was quite an uplifting piece of scenery...

  6. Indeed Mrs A. Highly memorable and indeed...inspirational:))

  7. We must both be pining for our holidays! Have been putting together a few pics for the blog and notice you're a step ahead of me. Great minds and all that...

    Beautiful photos, Mrs T, and not a mankini in sight, thank goodness.

  8. Very nice. i could head back to Cyprus tonight, especially after today's weather.

  9. PB - Unfortunately, I did see a gentleman in a thong. Fortunately, this was rear view only - and believe me, that was enough for me!

    Looking forward to your piccys:)

    G. Thanks!

    Gary, Yeah, the weather today was really bad day for a while. The consolation was that it was probably worse Up North! The weather was fab in Cyprus - just so refreshing to get up and know that for once your plans won't go awol cos of the weather.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous. And calming, calming. (I'll take calming over gorgeous any day -- both together are fabuloso).

  11. Brilliant. I like . I want . That holiday . And a pic of me leaning into AG's shoulder against the setting sun.

  12. Lawyer Mom,

    The sunsets were stunning in Cyprus. I could have watched them every day:)

    Mrs G,

    You romantic soul! Lovely:)

  13. Beautiful. Looks like you just managed to move into a picture postcard.
    Words aren't enough to describe something like this I agree but the pictures have described it in more than 1000 words.


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