Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Monday; Oh No, Not Another Boy Band!

Yes, yes alright I do like boy bands! Now I've had to endure a little rib tickling from some quarters about my fondness for such groups but I think it's perfectly healthy for a woman of my advanced years to be looking at young men. You know - it keeps the mind active! I mean I've got to fight off the dementia somehow haven't I?

One of my favourites Boy bands of recent years is Boyzone. I played one of Ronan Keating's solo songs a while back but with the sudden death of band member Stephen Gately, aged just 33, I feel in the mood to play one the group's songs. So here we go;

That was great! Stephen had a lovely voice and I regularly enjoy listening to him and his fellow bandmates on their Greatest Hits CD. Now by all accounts Stephen was a very pleasant man so last week when I picked up the Daily Mail, as I do about once a week, I was deeply shocked to read THIS ARTICLE written by their columnist Jan Moir. Frankly, I cannot remember the last time I have read such a rude, crass and downright offensive article. I was not the only one who felt like this because I have since read that The Press Complaints Commission website was so deluged by thousands of complaints it actually crashed. In addition some advertisers have either complained or withdrawn their adverts. And rightly so. It was an abhorrent, insensitive and factually incorrect article with unpleasant overtones. Heaven knows what poor Stephen's friends and relatives must have felt on the eve of his funeral.

Now the least offensive remark that Jan Moir said was;

"A founder member of Ireland's first boy band, he was the group's co-lead singer, even though he could barely carry a tune in a Louis Vuitton trunk. He was the Posh Spice of Boyzone, a popular but largely decorus addition."

Well I beg to differ; I think he sang pretty well. In fact let's hear Stephen sing on his own;


And as for the rest of Jan Moir's article.... Let's just say I will be voting with my feet and my wallet.


  1. Interesting. I never would have guessed that you were obsessed with these "Boy Bands." You must admit, the formula works. 3 or more handsome talented young men keeps the girls giggling and buying their records... Nice song. I wasn't familiar with Boyzone. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Obsessed?! That's a strong word Mr I which I save for the likes of Mr Bond! I don't care what race, sex, style a band/singer is so long as the music is pleasing to my ears. And if they're good to look at I won't object;)

    Last night I listened to Vera Lynn/Boyzone - you can't get more diverse than that:)

  3. Yep, opposite ends for sure... Vera Lynn is pretty impressive at 92? Which did you prefer?

  4. I have to choose Mr I?? Can I sit on fence please??

    Hmmmm.. Vera is easier to sing a long to... some of those old songs are timeless classics.But on the other hand I love the Boyzone cover of Billy Ocean's When the Going Gets Tough....Oh it's tooo difficult! I abstain!

    Oh alright...probably Vera.

    Damn that's my trendy image ruined:)

    I'm changing my mind! Boyzone!

    Okay - Vera.

    No, Boyzone.

    No complaints now Mr I; I'm a woman I'm allowed to change my mind as often as my clothes:)


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