Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music Mondays; It's Eurovision Time! (Mrs T's Eurovision Memoirs)

You know it had to happen didn't you? Yes, it was inevitable that sometime I would have to dwell upon that most ridiculed of subjects in the UK - The Eurovision Song Contest.

Yep, we are only a few days away from that supreme masterpiece of international diplomacy and display of musical mastery which brings the entire British nation weeping to its knees. Why is this so? Yes, we the nation who produced The Beatles, Queen and Des O'connor can barely secure a few miserable points no matter how good (or bad) our songs are. We are the outcasts of Europe!

Last year we came last. Yes, that's LAST with a pathetic 14 points. I thought playing Even If sung by the lovely Andy Abraham would be a good prelude to Mrs T's Eurovision Memoirs a little feature I will be posting regularly over the next 2 weeks highlighting some of my favourite Eurovision songs.

The song Even if was co written by Andy Abrahams who some of you may recall was the X factor runner up in 2005 during which his pleasant demeanour and humble status as the singing refuse collector secured him a huge following.

So lets see Andy in action and you tell me ...did this song deserve to come last?

Well personally I don't think it did. It's not a bad a little dance number and it's in the spirit of Eurovision. What's more it's proof that bald men can be sexy!

Okay, there's lots more Eurovision to come in between my other blog entries. However, I hasten to add that at no time will I be posting the two Cliff Richard entries. ( A woman's got to have some principles.)

I leave you with a question for my fellow Brits (or indeed anyone else).... Why haven't we been represented by Des? I feel sure we would have won.......

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  1. Hi. I enjoyed both.
    Have a great MM!

  2. I'd like to see all Eurovision entries placed equal last. That would give credibility to the process.

  3. Thanks Harriet!


    What an excellent idea! I vote we vote on it - just to give it extra credibility!!


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