Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mrs T's Eurovision Memoirs (3) Smoochy Time!

Everyone loves a smoochy tune; the song destined to be the last dance at discos and weddings. The Eurovision Song Contest and has churned out quite a few smoochies over the years but some are a little more memorable than others! One of my favourites is the 1987 winning entry Hold Me Now sung by Johnny Logan. So for all of you feeling a little lovey dovey right now here's something to help with the the mood...

I like Johnny's passionate delivery in this song. And as he also wrote it I'm assuming there was at least a little bit of self exposure in the lyrics. Maybe that's why it came across so well rather than some of the more painful exaggerated emotions that sometimes accompany power ballads.

Johnny Logan is a legend in Eurovision terms as Hold Me Now was actually his second win. He first represented Ireland back in 1979 but it was his 1980 hit What's Another Year written by another song writer that secured his first win and set him on the path to the Eurovision hall of fame. In 1984 he also composed a song Terminal 3 sung by Linda Martin which came second and in 1992 the same collaboration gave Johnny his third win with Why Me? This made him one of the most successful Eurovision Artists in its history. In fact, in 2005 Hold Me Now was voted third most popular Eurovision song of all time behind Abba with Waterloo(1974) in poll position and Volare by Domenico Modugno (1958) in second place.

Johnny Logan went on to have huge hits with his two Eurovision wins but never really cracked the UK market with the follow up records - although there has been some suggestion that this was due to poor management. As a singer who followed in his father's footsteps Johnny still has a lovely melodic voice and this is still recognised today in Ireland and the rest of Europe where he is still hugely popular.

Let's end with the song that really started it all off - What's Another Year.

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