Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy In Luton

I live fairly near Luton, in fact some of my most embarrassing car-parking moments have been in Luton, nevertheless when I saw this on Facebook it brought a big, big, smile to my face. Enjoy!


  1. I enjoyed this, Jane. I must have missed the bit with your *cough* car-parking moments. Perhaps you're saving them for the sequel?

    1. I have had some seriously embarrassing car parking moments, Martin - other than the time I lost my car! I am probably going to write a couple of them up sometime for a blog post:)) There was one in a multi-storey in Luton that was particularly bad and just sort of escalate into a comedy of errors. I'm not sure why these things happen to me but where cars are concerned nothing seems to go right - for example I have had three turbos replaced in my car in less than six months!


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