Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Classic Mrs T Moment

Yesterday, I had one of my "moments".

So the boys were nagging me for a McDonald's on the way back from a late-night tennis practice. So being a kind mother, we pulled into the drive-thru, ordered shakes and burgers, paid at the cash desk and pulled up at the delivery hatch. Whereupon, Master Ben requested that I asked for a sheet for him to stick on some stamps for a competition McDonald's are running to win various goodies. The assistant duly handed the sheet to me with the shakes and I hand them to Master Jacob who was sitting in the front seat.

Big mistake. Because Master Jacob has Master Ben's sheet and Master Ben has the stickers. They started to argue over who was going to stick on the stamps to win the Mini Cooper.  I closed the window, regretting I ever had children, and drove-off. After a while, Master Jacob finally relented and gave Master Ben his sheet. This is what happened next:

Master Jacob: Where's the burgers?

Mrs T: In your lap.

Master Jacob:(searches around seat) They're not.

Mrs T: I gave them to you.

Master Jacob: No, you didn't.

Mrs T: You must have dropped the bag in the footwell.

Master Jacob: (searches in the mess that is the footwell) They're not here.

Mrs T: I definitely gave them to you.

Master Jacob: No, you didn't.

Mrs T: Did I toss them over to you, Ben?

Master Ben: (searches frantically in the mess that is the rear seat) They're not here!

Mrs T: They must be. I definitely gave them to someone!

*Both boys search frantically in the dark*

Master Jacob: They're not here!

Master Ben: They're not here!

* Mrs T pulls up in the road *


Master Jacob: No!

Master Ben: No!

At which point, I turn the car around we go back to the drive-thru. I park-up and go in. I go to the counter and:

Mrs T: I was at the drive-thru just now...

*All the staff turn around and look at me*

Assistant: Are you the lady with the burgers?

Mrs T: Yes

*All the staff look at me with big cheesy grins*

Mrs T (shrugs nonchalantly) That's what happens when you hit the menopause.

WARNING: Do not let you kids collect stamps. Not even to win a Mini-Cooper.

McDonald's should install exit signs which read:
 "Have you remembered your meal?"  It would help. It really would.
(Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.)


  1. Certainly better--slightly better--than sitting in a cop car looking for a car that's parked safely in a corner :-D

    1. Absolutely, Sue!:-D

      The things we ladies get up to!


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