Friday, January 11, 2013

Justin Bieber beat up his bodyguard? Seriously?

Apparently, Justin Bieber beat up his bodyguard and the bodyguard is now suing Justin for compensation.

I haven't laughed so much since that episode of The Family Guy when Stewie and Brian get locked in a bank vault and Stewie persuades Brian to eat the contents of his nappy. Absolute genius.

So Justin beat up his bodyguard. Yeah, right. I can just see Justin, his hair flopping up and down and flapping his wrists like an overwrought primadonna and yet somehow managing to beat up a muscular bodyguard who probably trains at the gym and eats cockroaches for breakfast. I mean that's totally feasible isn't it?

Now if someone had said Justin had persecuted the bodyguard with hours of high pitch singing I could have quite understood a claim for tinnitus and mental distress. But a claim of being beaten up? No man in his right mind would admit to being beaten up by Justin Bieber.

Hmm... I strongly suspect there's a mental health issue going on somewhere - and this time it's not the celeb in question. Well not yet anyway. Give it a few years and a few movie theme tunes and that could all change.


  1. Who knows. It all sounds a bit odd to me, Martin. Some of these celebs are rumoured to be hell to work for - but equally a lot of employees take advantage of their employers wealth and generosity. Patricia Cornwell, the writer, looks like she's the latest to be stung - by the company employed to control her finances!


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