Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to Basics

For those of you who have been over here in the last week or so you may have noticed that I have stripped my blog back to basics. I've never really found a background that I felt suited this blog or my personality so I'm hoping to have a customized one designed for me or failing that I will have to sharpen up my crayons and do it myself.

Now I do have an an A level in Art and consider myself somewhat arty-farty but the truth is I've seen enough people with genuine artistic talent to know that when it comes to art I am still at this stage:

Woman on Grass (take that anyway you want) by J A Turley.

I know some of you kind hearted folks out there will be saying it's a work of magnitude and should be exhibited at The Tate Modern with all the other works of  shite  genius but the truth is, Dear Readers, I know my artistic capabilities are not that great. In fact, I once drew a cow that look liked this:

Cow in Air by J A Turley

Unfortunately it wasn't that great. Neither is this version -although at least I manage to remember to draw clouds this time so maybe my skills are improving.

Anyway, back to the basics talk. Now the observant amongst you will also notice that I have changed my web address from to There are three reasons for this:

1) The original is too long and looks totally unprofessional for such a sophisticated and intellectually challenging website. 

2) After five years I still write "dairy" instead of diary which just goes to show that either I'm dyslexic or as the saying goes "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." 

(For those of you unfamiliar with this saying it means anyone over the age of forty is stuck in a fashion time warp, hasn't got a chance in hell of winning University Challenge and probably can't remember their surname without prompting.)

3) At the age of forty seven and after five years blogging I feel I am mature enough to have a proper domain.

Oh look what I've just drawn!

Pig in Curlers by J A Turley

Now for any of you thinking of buying you're own domain from Blogger is costs about $12.50 or roughly £7.90 with taxes etc. It's easy enough to buy but logging into the account to manage your domain is not a clear process and I had to go and beat my head against a brick wall several times. Other than that the only disadvantage is that your page rankings on Goggle maybe affected for a while and you lose all record of your statistic if people have shared your posts on Google + etc. Everything else appears to remain the same.

So there you have it. I am aiming to have a more professional blog. A fourth reason being that if I finally have a book to market to agents in the spring I'll have to like know look I know what I'm doing - n'est ce pas?

Oh and if you enjoy my posts please share on Google+ et al. Obviously, I'm happy to send you one of my drawings in exchange or complete any drawing requests here on my blog. 


  1. You have missed your calling, Mrs T. All of these pictures would make delightful, 'naif'-style greetings cards of the sort sold for huge amounts in certain arty-farty shops in town. The picture 'Pigs in Curlers' should also be in the Tate, in my humble opinion. (Not to take away from your triumph but, as discussed, the bar is not very high for the latter ....) PS Am I still allowed to call you 'Mrs T' or is that too informal?

  2. Mrs B - have you accidentally put "naif" instead of "naff"?? Come now spit out the truth....:)

    You know, I am pretty fond of the Pigs in Curlers picture. It came to me in a moment of idioc...inspiration.

    You may indeed still call me Mrs T - although I may shortly change my name by deed poll to Byrony Sewell Bonham-Carter. I think that has a touch of class....

  3. I think I'll call you Ma'am. That has a polished ring to it.

    Anyway, Ma'am, I think your new website looks very fresh and appealing.

    By the by, I think the cow may have been on too much grass (and you can also take that anyway you like).

  4. I like Ma'am, PB. I think it suits me! Certainly less of a mouthful than Byrony Sewell Bonham-Carter....

    It's a blow-up cow. I deny all knowledge of grass substances....


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