Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do odd things ever happen to you?

Do odd things happen to you? They seem to happen to me a lot. Take for example the following incident...

If you remember I bought the good Mr T a special carpet cleaner for Christmas as his penchant for cleaning is one I am eager to encourage (so long as it doesn't involve my participation). It was a special carpet cleaner that could get into all the nooks and crannies and being a sucker diligent husband the good Mr T duly cleaned the stair carpet and landing over the vacations. The result was I had a lovely clean carpet without so much as lifting a finger except for having to press the Add to Basket on Amazon.

What could be better for a woman as dedicated to housework as I am?

So on Monday morning I made a nice hot cup of  steaming coffee and I went upstairs to see Master Benedict who had a friend staying over on a sleepover.

( Incidentally, the concept of sleepovers is not one I am keen to encourage but sometimes one has to do the friendship thing - Unfortunately, this particular sleepover was worst than most as I was cruelly exposed to the misguided wearing of onesies.)

Anyway, I was standing on the landing talking to the Young Masters with my lovely full cup of frothy coffee in my hand and, lo and behold, the cup falls off the handle and splatters liquid all over Mr T's nice clean carpet. I was, quite literally, left standing in amazement with my finger and thumb curled around the handle of the cup.

Now some might say that's sweet vengeance for Mr T that subsequently I had to clean the mess up - but I just stay that's ROTTEN, STINKING LUCK and TOTALLY, TOTALLY, UNFAIR.

Anyway, Master Ben's friend piped up:

"I've never seen that happen before!"

But Master Ben just gave that damning look of his which I knew as soon as he shut his bedroom door would translate into some equally damning words such as:

"You think that's odd. Humph. You should hear what Mum got up to in the multi storey car park before Christmas."

Yeah, so it took me a whole hour to find my car in the multi-storey.  So what? How was I to know that some aliens had come and moved it a totally different floor? It wasn't my fault. Those aliens are really, really, cunning. I just consider myself lucky the security guard was able to shoo them away and find my car before they launched it into space.

Yeah, so odd things are always happening to me. I wonder why?


  1. Couldn't possibly comment, Mrs T, but I must tell you there is a multi-storey car park in Manchester which is really two car parks stuck together. We had to get the security chap to help us find the car. As for coffee mugs, well, ask me when you see me. It involved subterfuge and a French DIY store which, in French, is 'bricolage'. You learn the language when you have to!!!

  2. Oh the coffee cup thing's happened to me too! And I think I did tell you about the ride in the cop car to find a missing car while in the US :-)

  3. rs B and Sue - well I am feeling slightly happier this morning knowing this has happened to other people and, luckily, Mrs B I haven't broken any cups in a shop yet (and tried to get away with it!!!!! As for your story Sue about being driven around the car park by the police which you told me about on FB that made me laugh so much I am going to try and write it into my book: I can just see it so perfectly in my mind's eye - it is a situation just ripe for comedy! If I can combine that with a shopping trip involving broken cups and subterfuge it could be an absolute winner!! on Do odd things ever happen to you?


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