Saturday, March 19, 2011

He's Good, He's Bad, He's Master Benedict

So I was on way back from tennis last night with the boys. It's Master Ben's turn to sit in the front seat. We're listening to a Michael Jackson CD  so I've already had a series of whoops and squeals from the Young Master in true Michael Jackson style...

Suddenly, he turns to me and says;

Mum? Have you ever seen a person with no arms or no legs?

(Obviously had been thinking about Michael Jackson's sorties into plastic surgery - I can think of no other explanation.)

Mrs T: Why, yes. (Pause) In fact, I was at school who a girl who only had one hand. She had a false, plastic one that she wore... and at dinner time she used to unscrew it and screw in a fork.

Master Ben: Didn't you have nightmares?

Mrs T: No. Why would I?

Master Ben: Didn't you dream she unscrewed it and screwed in a chainsaw?

Mrs T:  (Laughing) Umm... No.

Master Ben: A Bazooka?

Mrs T (Laughing) No!

Okay, so then Master Ben worked his way through about half a dozen weapons (with accompanying sound effects and visual demonstrations.) Eventually he fell silent and we listen to MJ again.


Master Ben: Mummy?

Mrs T: Yes?

Master Ben: Do you think if everyone in the world moved onto one side of the world and farted the earth would shoot across the other side of the galaxy?

Mrs T: (Laughing) Um... No!

Okay, so that was followed by an even more bizarre conversation about global warming. And if that isn't enough, I got home and looked at my brother in law's wedding photographs and there's a picture of Master Ben standing next to my brother in law with his face dramatically poised over the edge of my brother in law's beer glass.

Blimey, I tell you this boy is trouble. I might even post a video of him next week doing his Michael Jackson impersonation on his newly acquired treadmill. It's a corker, I can tell you.


  1. :-D! Michael Jackson impersonation on a treadmill? Just the thought sounds like a corker!


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