Monday, September 1, 2008

Just for Paul

This is a very special post and especially for Paul Burman. As many of you know, Paul has been a very welcome and thoroughly entertaining new commentator on my blog in recent months. Paul has been writing for years but on August 30th his very first book entitled The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore was published. I've spent a lot of time ribbing him about that title but actually I think it's very lyrical and I very much look forward to reading his book.

Yesterday, I went to that veritable place that purports to be Milton Keynes, a major shopping centre in the UK. As usual, I'd left all my school shopping to the last moment - 'cos that's just the way I am! In addition, I love the challenge of whipping away that last pair of size 7-8 trousers from under someone else's nose, the search for shirts with some sleeves that fit and don't make your child look like Mr Elastic or a rucksack that has pockets where you can stand up a drinks container without it leaking all over the exercise books. Oh the sheer unadulterated joy! My goodness it's almost as much fun as Christmas Shopping! (Hmm.. I think I'd better devote a whole blog to that subject nearer the time...)

Anyway, whilst I was going all red faced, sweaty and cursing the length of the queue in Clark's shoe shop I saw this;

Then I saw this;
And then I focused on this;

Well, I can't tell you how much pleasure it gave me to see Paul's book sitting on the shelf. As an aspiring writer myself I know how much effort, frustration and love are wrapped up in making a dream come true. I was almost as pleased as if I written the book myself! Anyhow, after scrambling around in my handbag (a hideous task) I managed to find enough pennies to buy two copies; one for me and one for Mrs A, my friend, neighbour and member of The Book Club. I suspect Paul may be sweating now he knows Mrs A of the acerbic wit has a copy but you know somehow I still think he'll be pleased!

A thought also crossed my mind... Paul is very fortunate to have the surname like Burman because his book is sitting just below all those Dan Brown titles! And Paul's book has a much better cover... Hmmm maybe I should change my name to J A Towelling? Somehow, it doesn't have the same ring about about it though. Kinda reminds me of towels.. and dishclothes...

Well, I 've opened my book at page 1. That's unusual for me because I usually go for the pictures first... but I'm looking forward to reading this book and somehow I think I'm going to like it....

Well done Paul. May you reap all the rewards you so richly deserve.


  1. Oh J.A.Towelling, you are a darling! If you're first name was Terry, I'd write you a ballad.

    Seriously (and this must be a rarity 'cos no one takes me seriously) I am chuffed beyond all imagination. Words fail me... well, almost.

    I am so delighted that I can only ramble, and so had better leave this here and collect my thoughts and come back to you tomorrow. Thank you for those photos. My son is very pleased that I'm between A Clockwork Orange and a William S Burroughs novel (Dan Brown didn't get a mention I'm afraid). My copies haven't quite arrived (!), the postal system being what it is, so you can imagine how pleased I am to see and hear about this from you. Thanks, Jane. Big thanks.

  2. Nice one Jane!

    Could be a new job for you as a roving reporter!

  3. Hmm.. The Ballad of Terry Towel ??

    Most amusing PB.

    O for a towel of wonderous proportions....

    Hmm..let's not go there.....

    Glad you like the photos PB. I must say Waterstones was a welcome distraction from the hassle of purchasing new school wear. Of course being ejected from the shop with my camera in hand was not quite so good... (just kidding!)

    No one takes YOU seriously?? You should try being in my knickers! (Not only would look very, very silly but I assure you they have a severe effect on rational behaviour!)

    Mike... a roving reporter? Hmm I've always fancied wearing one of those stubby pencils over my ear! Do I get to wear a seedy looking mackintosh as well?! Oh hurrah!

    Ps.. PB... let me know when the cheque is in the post. Ta.

  4. Big congratulations Paul. You are doing better then I did with my book. "The Story of the Naughty Andrex Puppy" ended up being used to wipe my behind when I got drunk and picked up the wrong packet. Oh well, back to the colouring in board.

  5. Love that you posted pics of the actual book on the shelf! Bravo! And bully to you too Paul!

    Now, back to school shopping!

  6. Thank you bellydance girl. Your good wishes are apprecaited. I'm feeling spoiled, but lovin' it!

    And Sy, thank you too. At least you managed to put that one behind you. I have so many manuscripts ready for recycling that several hundred Andrex puppies could landscape an entire country with toilet paper, or has Christo already done that?

    And Madison, you're right: the pics are tremendous. I've never visited Milton Keynes, but have developed an affection for it since Mrs T took these photos. Next time, M.K., next time.

  7. You're right, Onedia, and thanks. It's particularly true if it's taken an age and a half to learn how to make the dream work ;-)


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