Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disconnected Consortium

Hello Readers!

Now Mrs T would like to introduce you a new website that has been developed by her friend and fellow blogger Master Sy of The Wheel is Turning but The Hamster is Dead. Yes, that's right - the other British nutter!

Well, Master Sy had this great idea of creating a website which he has called
Disconnected Consortium which would have lots of contributors; bloggers from all across the world who have something to say about Life, The Universe, George Bush, The Eurovision Song Contest and maybe even those irritating drawing pins that stuck in the sole of your shoe. Get my drift? That's pretty much anything then!

What's more it's likely this site could be full of surprises because it may be the case that this is where people will publish posts that don't fit in with the style of their usual blogs. ( Oh the thought of Master Sy waxing lyrical in the style of John Keats has me all of quiver! How he will get a hamster into an ode it I don't know - but I wager he can!) So expect the unexpected!

Mrs T will also be contributing some items. Some may be her usual daft stuff and some may be something entirely different; she doesn't know what because it all just happens when her fingers touch the keyboard and her tongue touches the chocolate! But she has already done her first post entitled Life in The Fast Lane which a little bit different to her normal zany stuff so why not pop over and have a read!

Hopefully, this will be a site that in the course of time you will all enjoy reading, perhaps even explore new avenues alongside its authors and discover the many faces and facets of it's creators. So stay tuned!

See you all soon!

Mrs T.


  1. Great idea.... I'll have to check it out. Who knows, maybe I can even make a contribution. There are so many things that I want to blog about that don't fit in to my theme.... (what's my theme again?) Oh, this should be lots of fun. Thanks Honey!

  2. That Master Sy is a really great guy you know. I heard he has issues he has to deal with, but is not sure how he will go about dealing with them. With a metal spatula maybe?

    Thanks for the plug for the site Mrs T!

  3. Ah, The Charming Mr I... Yes, Mr I what is your theme??! I fear it has perhaps gone a little adrift lately! However, your mission statement is, without doubt, the best I have read.

    Oh, I love being called "Honey". Can you just stick "Ryder" on the end..Hmm..I can feel another Bond scenario coming on....!!

    Yes Master Sy is a really, really great guy and he pays me a lot of money too!(That'a another tenner Sy)
    I fear a metal spatula might be too hard though - maybe just a rubber one?!

  4. I can't wait!!! Will Sy let us "rage" a little?

  5. Ah yes Tamera; he most definately will! I think it should work well with hopefully lots of commentary between authors and such like. Oh, I love all the chatting! (You'd never has guessesd eh? That housework just never gets done!)

  6. Having occasionally used the phrase "The lights are on but there's no one home" to describe someone I've met (or, more often, my own vacant behaviour), I think you and Master Sy have provided me with a superior line: "The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead." I love it.

    Enjoyed your sobering piece about morons in cars, and then bounced on to The School Run for its humour. I used to commute 75km to work and often only shared the road with suicidal sheep, kamikaze koalas and reckless roos (what crappy alliteration), but I did come across your guy reading his newspaper as he drove. He's obviously doing the world tour.

  7. Ah yes Mr PB (II) The Wheel is turning but The Hamster is Dead is a great phrase/title. Originally Master Sy thought it up as a replacement title for my blog;

    But though I was mightily enamoured with it I thought people already thought I was more than enough bonkers to warrant not having a blog title which clearly indicated complete and utter madness. Master Sy then adopted it as his replacement title which I have to say suits him very well indeed!

    I didn't think the alliteration was too bad. You don't need to worry; this horrendously hopeless housewife can definately not keep up with the wonderous, whimsical words of an awesome author.

    Hmm... that guy with a newspaper is a bit of a nuisance. He might find it a bit frightening when he opens the page on his own obituary one day.

    Ps I think the title to your book is utterly compelling and I look forward to reading it.

  8. His own obituary---now that would be interesting. It might be enough to make Newspaper Guy pull over and cry on a hard shoulder.

    Glad you like the title. It was one aspect of the novel a manuscript appraisal service advised me to change which I was confident enough to resist. The interest in the title from a number of people has reassured me that I made the right decision (most of the appraiser's other advice was useful though).

    Ouch! I've been alliteratively outclassed. Easily. Left for standing and over-awed. No competition! ;-)

  9. Hey PB (II) I'm glad you stuck with your own title; you were right to trust your own judgement. I suppose there'd a bit of a tendency to go for the short snappy title and maybe that's appropiate for some novels especially those big blockbuster thriller types. But it didn't do any harm for The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Nightime (A favourite of mine) or A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian did it? I'm already get a feeling for your book just from the title... and when I mentioned it to my ladies at The Book Club they thought it was an interesting title too; maybe we'll read it when it comes out over here! September?? I warn you those ladies can be ruthless though, particularly Mrs A, who is most vitrolic at times! Mind you..I've burnt a few books in my time too.(Don't worry they've been all Chick Lit, with a dash of Jackie Collins thrown in for good measure.)

    Did I tell you I'm writing a Chick Lit novel?!

    Well it's sort of Chick Lit.. I'm not actually sure...I dunno...perhaps it's a thriller/chick lit/socio-political sort of type thingy with spirtual undertones....well maybe. Anyway I reckon it'll keep my toes warm.

    Hmmm... As Mrs T is only a beginner she realises it needs a lot more work though - otherwise if ever it did get published it might be in the children's fantasy section. Oh there's a thought..... How about "Thomasina Wears Prada"? Hmm sounds promising....

    Oh gosh, did I use alliteration? Really? And I wasn't even thinking about it...I must be a genius!!

    (Mr T gets out the black hood...)

  10. 'Curious Incident' is a great book, I agree. Am into the last 100 pages of 'A spot of Bother' at the moment, and had been worried about reading it (that it might suffer from younger child/second book syndrome), but I like it. It makes me laugh (in a sane way, rather than the eye-twitching, hysterical cackle that the last few days at work have pushed me towards). Have always been disinclined to read 'A Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine', because of bad experiences I had with auto mechanical repairs and a 16 year old Beetle I once owned (or that once owned me---I never quite worked out the relationship, but it didn't end well).

    It being almost winter solstice here and a little cool at night, the idea of burning books sounds good, as long as it's accompanied by mulled wine. However, the idea of getting your Book Group to tackle 'The Snowing and Greening' also warms the cockles of my heart ... even if Mrs A pulls out the long knife and goes for the jugular. I like the idea of a reaction---good or bad; it's the notion of indifference that might trouble me.

    You've got me intrigued by your chick lit MS. I'm imagining Bridget Jones blended with slasher horror: chainsaws and gore! Anita Shreve meets Stephen King? Tell me more.

  11. Ah Mr PB, A Spot of Bother is awaiting my attention on my bookshelf. We did actually read it for the Book Club but as I recall I had a bit of a spot of bother myself that week and didn't quite finish it -whoops- I was enjoying it too. It's that distraction thing again - probably encountered too much choccybliss that week. (Happens frequently)

    Yes too often the sequels/following novels are not so good. I really enjoyed Patricia Cornwell and Tom Clancy at first and then... I believe publishers prefer authors to stick to one genre and tried and tested characters but if that was me I think I'd be bored.... too much to say!

    Yes, indifference is a killer. At least if you've had a reaction you know you've aroused some feelings which is at least partially satisfying. (Although perhaps not if you're Salmon Rushdie.)

    Hmm.. that desription of my MS sounds spectacular! Far better than the blurb I had in mind. Maybe I could sell it on the basis of your sounds like a sure fire bestseller! (Well to someone a little disturbed..Oh, that sounds like me...)

    65, 000+ words in but I've been sadly negligent as I tend to get distracted (There's a surprise!) It is definately a bit of an oddball thing; it won't fit comfortably in any category but I have an idea.. if I can get it sold with a free bag of Maltesers attached it might actually sell...

    By the way, did I say that I live in a strange fantasy world?

    (Ps - I'm serious about the Maltesers)

  12. Oddball is an important selling point. There seem to be an increasing number of publishers (especially the smaller indies) who are carving out a niche for themselves by publishing novels that can't comfortably be pigeon-holed. Obviously the off-beat/oddball non-genre (which is my personal favourite) will be come a genre in time, but there's certainly interest out there for it. So keep write on (!).

    PS. 65,000 words sounds as if you've got the bulk of a draft almost finished, unless you're going for a doorstop of an airport bestseller. Are you aiming for 80,000?

    PPS. Maybe a Maltesers 'Scratch 'n' Sniff' front cover could be designed. :-)

  13. Well PB, I should have actually finished it by now - I've done about 2/3+ and the two final chapters. I reckon it will be closer to 90,000. Of course it would be great if it was published but I'm aware it is "different" so I've already prepared myself for rejection - but mostly I want to finish it for my own satisfaction. When I write, I write a lot in a very short time (bit like my posts) and then do nothing for ages. I'm just not an organized person; I know I need to set myself deadlines but I'm totally hopeless. And all the editing and proof reading takes much longer than writing doesn't it?!

    You know maybe I'll buckle dowm and do some next week; it's about time.. although I have several blogs stacked up in the old brain cells which I may need to clear first - oh dear! Just not enough time in the day for Mrs T!

    Mmmm ..a scratch and sniff novel... I think that's a winner!Get a patent quick!

  14. Walked into a class today where the teacher was asking students what aphorisms they were familiar with. Thought I'd stir things up a bit by mentioning that my new favourite was 'the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead' and advocating that everyone should go and use it in everyday conversation. To create a dead hamster revolution, no less! Well done to Master Sy; they loved it, and I think it might catch on.

  15. Fame at last for Master Sy! He will be delighted - he may yet go down in History for a contribution to the English language. (That's not all he may go down in History for but I'm not going into the details as he reads this blog and sometimes he can get weally, weally cross with me when I've been naughty.....)

  16. It is OK. You may mention it. Just dont mention anything short, shrivelled and hanging to the left, as that always makes me cry. But the bit about me being an impressively handsome guy...yeah, you get involved!

    I think that the saying "The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead" is quite awesome. I also noticed that someone started a blogspot blog with that name...and he is just not funny. It is shocking. OK, so I havent even read it...but you know.

    Now. Paul. Can you get your students to read the site now too! I need the hits!

  17. Short, shrivelled and hanging to the left??? ...ah Mrs T is speechless!!

    (You should see my face though.)

  18. I do hope Mrs T is not laughing at the unfortunatels of Mr H.


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