Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Room Service

I am in my study writing and I have just been interrupted by a phone call from Master Benedict asking for "Room Service."

I have been informed that he would like crackers, cheese and smoked salmon.

I shall now go down to the lounge where the Young Master is reclining in his pink onesie and discuss the pros and cons of ringing his mother for "Room Service."

It may be a short conversation.

Master Ben has high expectations. Which is probably not a good idea.


  1. Mrs. T. this sounds like you're really this secret Cordon Bleu cook!! Or else why would Master Benedict be ordering room service :-D.

  2. Master Benedict has an excellent sense of humour, Sue. I didn't give him a ticking-off in the end because he's just too funny. He ended up with his snacks delivered as requested. (I do so love packet food!)


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