Monday, May 19, 2014

Blubbing about Blurbs

I think one of the hardest challenges I've had to face on my journey to publication is writing the blurb to my paperback version of The Changing Room. After numerous attempts, and equal amounts of wine, I've finally come up with this:

“I am in the changing room of my life and tomorrow, win or lose, I'll move forward a stronger and wiser woman."

Sandy Lovett's confused mother and chaotic life are having an effect on her waistline. She knows she needs to change her life but doesn't know how until she buys a risqué dress which sets in motion a sequence of life-changing events.

After years as a mother, carer and full-time employee, Sandy quits her job and places her mother in a care home, and life seems on the up. But disaster is never far away for the hapless Sandy as her mother’s obsessions continue to wreak havoc and her husband’s business begins to fail. Short of cash and needing a flexible job, Sandy joins a sex-chat service. At The Beaver Club Sandy discovers a talent for selling telephone sex - a skill she later regrets when she meets unscrupulous local politician and prospective MP, Trewin Thackeray.

The Changing Room is a comedy-drama for all those whose glass is half-full. Preferably with gin and a big fat cherry.

Gez, I hope that's good enough!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Karen:) I hope it turns out to be worth all the struggles!

  2. Purty good blurb....I can feel your pain about writing a blurb...I found it to be the 2nd hardest thing to write after the novel.

    1. I remember your struggles, G! With all the things an author has to do get published and get anyone to buy their book writing a novel seems like the easy bit:)

  3. Great look and feel here Miss Jane. You're "Rocking and Rolling." Hope things are well with you. I came here to link to your TED post from way back. Where's that blasted search window?

    1. Hello Mr I ! I hope you're still getting some chill time:)

      You mean Seth's TED which is this post;

      I can't think it's any reference I may have made to the brainy ideas TED ! (Might take a long time to find that reference but I think there's one somewhere....:D)

      Lovely to see you:)

      Ps Oh I think got rid of the search bar for a more professional look :D


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