Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the whole, writers talking about writing sucks

Yes, I know I wrote a post about my writing yesterday. But to be fair, Readers, I don't write about writing that much and I wanted to keep you in the loop. In fact, I've hardly written about writing at all when you consider I've been blogging since 2007. Mainly, I just write about random stuff like ducks, cupcakes and anything that else that happens to cross my mind. Anyway, I decided it was about time I investigated social networking and linking with writers etc etc etc. I discovered lots of groups and websites for writers on the net. Great, I thought.

Only then I discovered lots of them have rules.

Yes, rules. I hate rules.

Now I like meaningful societal rules like Thou Shalt Not Kill and Thou Shalt Not Put Potato Peelings in the Recycling Bin but generally I'm not good with other kind of rules. Especially rules enforced by by the I Know Your Mother and You Used To Wet Your Bed types. Ugh.

I joined one group on Google+ but in truth I am shit scared (and coming from me that's saying something) of posting something in Publishing Discussions that should be Marketing Discussions and being verbally whipped by several over-zealous authors with an interest in young adult fiction. I mean that's enough to make any 48 year old woman quake at the knees isn't it?

Anyway, I've had enough of all that already. So I've decided that instead of talking about writing tomorrow (which I wasn't planning to anyway as basically I don't plan anything I just fly by the seat of my pants) I've decided I'm going to talk about something way more interesting than tips for writers. I'm going to talk about women's changing rooms at the gym.

As I said, way more interesting.

Okay, maybe that's not tomorrow but sometime soon. When I get off my backside. At the moment, I'm still reeling from my last visit to ladies changing rooms after a aqua aerobics session. I may take some time to recover.


  1. YA is the main reason why I don't participate in the two forums that I'm a member of anymore.

    YA writers seems to be triple-A type personalities who are reliving their teenage years all over again, right down to the "Squeeeee!" teenage dialect.

  2. Hee, hee, hee G:) I've already got my arsed whipped for "misguided relish" on one of these forums - so many people devoid of humour. Ugh!

    When I start writing about vampires and dystopian futures will you shoot me G?!

    1. I'm not sure, I may just post a video of my banging my head against the table saying, "Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!"

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG G, that's a totally friggin' over the top, G! You might get a migraine!

    My son has been off school ill for the past three days, G. I have spent way too much time looking at forums etc etc. Last night before I went to bed I turned of the notifications: I came to the conclusion if I saw another post which began "I'm writing a YA paranormal romance...." I would most definitely shoot myself. And I am stating here and now that I will never, ever write a YA paranormal romance, not ever, as long as I live.........

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I follow a few book review blogs and it seems that almost every author they interview is writing some kind of YA paranormal romance/fantasy or coming of age book.

      I can't write YA to save my life nor would I ever want to. To me, writing YA smacks of personal censorship.

    2. The thing is whilst I'm sure a few of those books might turn out to be good, I think it will very much be a "few". I am always very dubious of authors who follow trends. Unless an experienced writer is specifically following a trend to capitalize on the possibility of monetary gain (and full time writers need living costs!) it strikes me as a demonstration of a lack of creativity - rather than the reverse. I am not interested in generic fiction. That's probably why I don't get on with much of women' genre fiction and why as time passes I increasingly move towards literary fiction. Of course, I have just written what I suppose would come under the general title of "women's fiction" but I hope people will feel it has a very distinctive voice and that the humour will appeal to both sexes. If I had followed all the professional advice I have received I would not have written this book: I would have written something far more generic. I am glad I haven't followed that advice though: I feel very happy with what I've written.Even if it never sells I will be happy that I created something original and that I am truly proud of:)


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