Sunday, April 7, 2013

More annoying emails and some soothing music

I just got another email from the author I referred to in my last post. How very, very annoying. How many times is he going to e-bomb me?

I've press "send" on the draft email in my last post.

I'm sorry but he deserved it. I can just about overlook one hideous self promotional email but two? I'm afraid not. I had to send my reply: it was my duty for my Queen and country and for all hard-working, honest writers and bloggers the world over who don't do that kind of annoying bullshit. Sorry.

Ugh, the youth of today - what it must be like to have so much confidence in your abilities that you'd happily spam a whole load of strangers to promote yourself. I wish there was an X Factor for authors. I'd love to see this guy on it. I can just see him on his knees before Simon Cowell pleading to not to be kicked off the next episode:

 Adam: "But people always told me I was brilliant at writing! My gran said I should travel the world and write about my experiences!"

Simon: Did you ever think there was another reason your gran told you to travel?

Adam: My Mum and Dad even gave the me the fare for the flight. They said I was brilliant and the world needed my contribution!

Simon: Look, Son, my pants are too big but yours are even bigger. The difference is I fill my pants. Got it?

Adam: (weeping and wailing) Pleassse, Mr Cowell, please, please, please make me into a famous author. I really really want to be a famous author...

Simon: (looks at fingernails, blows non existent cobwebs of his ipad, says nothing)

Adam: Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Simon: No. Goodbye.

Right, now I've got that rant of my chest. I want to assure you that I really am a nice person. I really, really am. Everyone loves me - well maybe not the Headmistress at my son's school. In fact she might actually have a voodoo doll of me. Anyway, just to reassure you I am fluffy-bunny, lovey-dovey kind of person lets play a nice romantic song which is my current favourite:

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