Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Disgusted with the Daily Mail

I don't think I have ever been more disgusted with The Daily Mail. Yesterday, three people, including a child, lost their lives due to bombs exploding during the Boston Marathon. Today, above their main news headline about this tragic event they are running a moving banner that reads "Breaking News...Attack on The White House" It is part of an advert for the film Olympus Has Fallen. If you happen to focus on that moving banner as I did when I first opened the Daily Mail website it looks very much like another awful tragedy has occurred.

I really think this sort of mindless, insensitive and aggressive marketing is totally unacceptable. Factor in the ridiculous articles by self promoting female journalists in their Femail section willing to sell their souls and their families for cash, the bigoted writing of the likes of Richard Littlejohn and Jan Moir and the general twisted reporting and homage to celebrity culture The Daily Mail isn't worth reading anymore. In fact, I'm not sure why I've been reading it anyway - perhaps because when I do I actually spend more time reading the comments which at least provide an interesting look into British public opinion. That's about it though. I can't see much else of value.

Anyway, enough is enough. I've deleted The Daily Mail from my bookmarks. There genuinely is a market for a lightweight, easy to read online and print newspaper with balanced and responsible reporting.

Unfortunately, it isn't The Daily Mail.

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  1. The Daily Mail is one of my secret guilty pleasures. It is such crap, even at the best of times, even though I didn't see that advert, I would have expected nothing less. I don't know if I can bring myself to ban it though. :( Where else can I read such trash?!?

    I am also fascinated by the comments, which can be dead scary. I read them in my local newspaper too and my blood pressure goes straight up. They are usually ignorant, ungrammatical and mean spirited. But you are so right, they are definitely a thermometer as to how people are coping.

  2. I'm going to try and hold out as long as I can from reading The Daily Mail, Marie:) Three days so far!

    I guess it was a secret guilty pleasure of mine too but in the end I had to call it a day.(At least temporarily!) The way they skew articles and headlines to provoke outrage really winds me up - I'm sure it's all for the revenue which is a shame because balanced reporting is really important especially for those who are reading it as their main source of news.

    I quite like Yahoo comments too:)))


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