Saturday, September 22, 2012

There's a new mummy in town

Knock, knock.

I hop downstairs trying to avoid the new stray cat, Mr Spectre, who has taken up residence on the staircase. I open the front door. It's the postman, Graham.

"Morning; it's a lovely sunny day," says Graham, handing over a parcel. "Are you going for your walk today?"

" I might do."

" Well it would be a pity to miss the sunshine"

"You're right," I say, looking past Graham at the clear blue sky. "It's beautiful."

"Have you heard that an Egyptian Archaeologist has discovered a new mummy?"

"Really?" I reply, my curiosity piqued.

"Yes," nods Graham wisely. "Apparently, it was found covered in nuts and chocolate and is called Ferrero Rocher."

Now that's why I like living in a village. Someone's always got a smile.

Ferrero Rocher Swiss chocolates -Even Roger Federer eats them. Now that's class. Andy Murray eats haggis - which may not be class but it puts fire in your belly and wind in your guts. How else did  Connor MacLeod become immortal? Besides,you can't fight off a seven foot killer with just a girly Japanese sword and a few tips from a man dressed in tight pants and a feather in his hat.


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