Monday, November 1, 2010

Public Health Warning

Tomorrow something catastrophic is going to happen...

I am going to bake a cake.


  1. What time? Might come and watch.

  2. Hmm..well orginally I thought I'd do it first thing Mrs A whilst I was still up to the challenge. Then I had a thought. Ingredients. I don't have any. So maybe late morning after I've beeb for a swim and perused Tesco's shelves?

    This event has not taken place in my house for.... years. I can't even remember when it is so long ago....

  3. A post this short deserves a comment this short:

    "Run Away! Run Away!"

  4. Yep, it's my shortest post ever G. Amazing isn't it?!

  5. I like this post... I'm still laughing! Chocolate cake no doubt?

  6. Welcome back Mr I, my favourite American guy! Where you been? I shall have to do a post in your honour.. Now, now don't tremble in fear I promise not to dress you up again!

    Um.. not chocolate Mr I just a plain old Victoria sponge; I don't want to complicate things too much... and yes that does imply I haven't cooked it yet! But - I do now have the ingredients so I suspect today or tomorrow (after I've got some tranquilers) could be the day!

    (You can tell I just love cooking can't you?)

  7. Ohhhhhh Mrs B - don't give me ideas like that - I could become an overnight sensation!!!!


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