Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Classic Comedy Conversations

Language is always changing. Words becoming redundant or develop an entirely new meaning. New words evolve. Of course, sometimes with all these changes, homophones and language quirks we can cross purposes which can lead to the most embarrassing or amusing incidents....

On Sunday, I was sitting by myself in the empty cafeteria at our local golf club whilst the boys were hitting a few balls on the driving range. I'd forgotten my glasses so instead of reading I was just taking in the surroundings and watching the Remembrance Day parade with the television on mute. All was peace and quiet....

The door swings open and two men enter, having just finished their round of golf. They are like chalk and cheese. One is weather beaten, in his mid fifties and what (not wanting to appear rude) what I would call a working man who has obviously "made good". The other is in his early twenties, fresh faced, confident and dressed in even more trendy golfing gear than the older gentleman. They are very much an "odd" couple.

The older man leans on the bar and orders drinks (beer for him, orange juice and lemonade for the youngster)......

Young man: Our flat got burgled on Friday night.

Older man: Kids on drugs probably. They'll steal anything these days. What did they get?

Young man: Mostly my flatmate's stuff.  They just used the box for my Mac which I'd left next to my bed to put all my mate's stuff in.

Older man: Bastards.

 Long pause.

Older man: What's a Mac?

(Another pause - Mrs T looks up over the cup of tea poised at her lips)

Older man again: You mean a mackintosh?

Young man: (Grins) No. A Mac is a computer. I use it to make my music.

Older man: Oh, I thought you meant your raincoat.

By this time I am in convulsed in laughter. My teacup is rattling so much I'm forced to put in down.  I just can't stop laughing because the comic timing was just perrrrrfect and the older man reminds me of a character straight out of  The Two Ronnies.

Older Man: What are you laughing for?

Mrs T: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's a just a classic comedy conversation!

Older Man: (Grinning) I'm showing my age aren't I?

Mrs T. (Laughing) I'm afraid so!

Well the conversation went on a bit more after that and very nice gentlemen they were too. And the good news is the young gentleman and his friend got all their goods back as an alert neighbour spotted a suspicious looking youth going down their road with a Mac box piled high with goodies.

It's funny how the simplest things make you laugh the most. Anyway, that conversation reminded me of this classic comedy conversation by The Two Ronnies. Do watch the's comedy wordplay at its best.


  1. Ah Four Candles. It is indeed a classic!

  2. Thanks for the blast from the past. One of my favourite skits. :)


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