Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Last Time

This afternoon at approximately 4 pm, when I open my front door, it will be over.

14 years, 3 children, several prams, a lot of footsteps, even more car miles and one worn out mother.

There's been times when I've gone out with my slippers on, driven into cars at the foot of my driveway, felt sick, and wanted to weep with the death of my parents. Sometimes I did weep.

There's been times when I've had to turn around because I'd forgotten lunches, swimming costumes, medicines and PE kits.

There's been acquaintances made and lost and friendships that have stood the test of time. Together we've experienced disappointments and frustrations, births and deaths, tears and laughter.

There's been wet days, rainy days and windy days. Days when I've skidded on ice, got stuck in the snow and days where I was so tired with my insomnia I pumped myself with caffeine and sugar just to get the kids there on time.

But today, at last, the school run is finally over.

They'll still be plenty more trips to school and elsewhere of course. This is just a stage in life - as a parent you never stop caring for your children. I know in the future they'll be trips to pick the boys up when they're ill, for sports days, parent's evenings and after-school activities. And then they'll be the trips to universities to hand over cash, rescue them from crisis and maybe deliver a wholesome(?!) meal. One day, there may even be trips to see the grandchildren.

But for now, I'm happy. A little bit more time for me - but always a lot of love for my children, wherever that journey takes me.


  1. Yes, you've served your 'time' and now they're letting you free! I will miss you on the school run, though .. no one to commiserate with, or laugh about yet another dressing-up day, or remind me of something like a mufti day. What is it with boys, notes from school and book bags? They do not mix.

    Anyway, now you will turn into glamourous uber-yummy mummy, very unstressed, swimming every day and I will continue to be bag-lady going out in PJs with lots of bad hair days!! Not that I'm jealous, of course ...

  2. Very nicely written heartfelt, and as only a mum could write!

  3. Sounds like a good excuse to open a bottle of red and celebrate, Jane.


  4. FFM,

    Moi..a glamourous uber yummy- mummy? No chance! I intend to stay in my tracky bottoms till 3.30 pm - then I'll stick a pinny on and pretend I've been hard at it all day...:)

    Don't forget FFM Mrs T is only a short car drive/email/blog post/text away!

  5. Lawyer Mom,

    Sounds good to me! But only for a short while... so much to do and so little time:)

    Eddie, Thanks alot!

    PB, Indeed, indeed:)) Cheers!

  6. More time for a quick chocolate pick-me-up after waving goodbye to the 2 younger Ts at the bus stop!

  7. That's the end of an era - huh ? "sighs deeply" Relax now

  8. Be assured, Mrs T: I will come and bother you regularly! Quite apart from anything else, I need some cookery lessons ... and a kick up the backside to do some writing - or how else will I ever earn enough to retire?

  9. End of one era, and the start of a new one. Perhaps some more writing and more posting. Certainly no more cleaning... :)


  10. Sue,

    Don't get me thinking about choccy! I'm already on my keep fit drive and I've lost 19lbs! Hurrah!!

    Mrs G,

    I know - the end of an era:) But hey, some endings make the perfect beginnings!!


    Excellent, excellent. Come over to my place for a writing spree - don't forget the cookies. (Fat free if poss!)

    Mr I,

    Definately more writing Mr I. Lots of it:) I've got plans!

  11. You have the summer holidays to get through first.


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