Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fairytale Kisses

Having been somewhat busy lately, I haven't got around to writing many of my Music Monday posts. However, I thought I'd pop in briefly to play a couple of songs from the group Ben's Brother  of whom I'm growing increasingly fond. I'm currently listening to their album Beta Male Fairytales. I'm not good at putting music into categories but I suppose it's what I would call a heavy pop sound whilst being a little more melodic than the norm. (Correct me if I wrong!)

The lead singer, Jamie Hartman, named the group after his brother in whose shadow he lived as a teenager; his brother was a top notch student and sportsman and went on to work successfully in advertising. Jamie is quoted as saying;

"I suppose I did live in his shadow....but I never hated him, which was fortunate because I could have ended up very bitter indeed. Our family has always been really close and also big on gallows humour." 

Jamie has a very interesting and pleasing voice. It has that feminine edge to it that quite appeals to my senses but at the same time has a raw huskiness reminiscent of Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker; a perfect voice for the passionate ballad. He also writes great lyrics! Have a listen to the two songs below for a taster. Firstly, there's Let Me Out which was nominated for an Ivor Novello award back in 2008 and then Stuttering (Kiss Me Again). The latter video caused me some amusement as it has been set to clips of famous screen kisses and I enjoyed trying to put film titles to some of those classic moments. It also made me feel that perhaps we don't do enough kissing as we get older! What a pity to miss out on one life's greatest pleasures; I'm gonna get my poster of Mick Jagger out and do some practice! In the meantime, I suggest you all turn to your nearest and dearest and give them a big smacker or even one of those long lingering kisses or even a sloppy French kiss....

Hmm, I think gonna stop there before my imagination goes a little haywire!

You know I'm not so sure about that Mick Jagger poster......maybe someone a little younger.........Hmm........let me see.........(rifles through magazines) Oh yes.......... that's better.......yummy..... yummy.......XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

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  1. Good to see your Monday Music slot is here again, Mrs T. We have quite different tastes on the whole, it seems, which means that my visit here on Mondays usually introduces me to a band I've never heard of (or long forgotten about!). Good stuff. Thanks.


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