Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Holiday Anecdotes

Yep, it's that time of year again when I'm tearing my hair out with the kids at home for 6 weeks. However, occasionally they do make me smile......

Mrs T is driving back home after meeting up with old college friends. Master Jacob and Master Ben are sitting in the back seat......

Master Ben; Mummy?

Mrs T; Yes?

Master Ben; How come your friends look much older than you do?

Mrs T screeches to a halt, flings open door, jumps out of car and raises fist in air in manner akin to Andy Murray beating Roger Federer....



Mrs T is driving back from a tennis tournament. Master Jacob and Master Ben are sitting in back seat...

Master Jacob; Mummy, is it true that Blondes are dumb?

Mrs T; (A very short pause) Yes. However, they do say men prefer to have "fun" with Blondes - although they always marry Brunettes.

Master Benedict; What's a Brunette?

Mrs T; A Brunette is a woman with dark brown or black hair.

Master Jacob; You've got black hair Mummy.

Mrs T; Well it's dark brown really. With a little grey now.

Master Jacob; Oh, that just looks like light reflecting off your head.

Mrs T screeches to a halt, flings open door, jumps out of car and raises fist in air in manner akin to Andy Murray beating Rafal Nadal.....



Blimey, I love those kids; I've taught 'em well.

Ho hum.


  1. While on the surface they seem like innocuous comments designed to brighten your day, remember that whenever a child gives a parent a compliment, there is an ulterior motive involved.


  2. Well taught Mrs T! I asked Tara a while back what colour my hair was. she said black. I asked her a year or so later and she said black and grey. i asked her the other week and she said white!! what like father christmas? Kids are so truthful it;s painful!

  3. So true G, so true:) (Mrs T looks inside empty wallet......)

    Ah Gary... may I recommend some boot polish for your lovely white locks? - Avoid the rain though - the streaks aren't too fetching:))

  4. What great kids but can I just take this opportunity to say that I find Andy Murray to be a rather unappealing character/bad loser etc? How about you model yourself on Rafa and practice some forward rolls and some high jumps? That'll show 'em!

  5. Forward rolls and high jumps FFM? Are you nuts?! I haven't done a roly poly for about 30+ years; I want to maintain some dignity - A woman's granny knickers should be a strictly private matter!!

    I might be able to manage some high jumps though - I'm gonna practice leaping over the sofa using my broomstick for leverage:)

  6. Careers in politics for Ben and Jacob?

    Mark Twain reckoned he could live for two months on a good compliment so you've scored four months' worth there, Mrs T. Make the most of them, eh? :-)

  7. Yes, they're terribly charming until they ask, "Mommy, what's that long whisker thing on your chin?"


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