Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Monday; Beauty in the Name of Bach

Here's a performance I came across last week. I think it speaks for itself. I suggest you close your eyes and focus on the music not the video. It's about 5 minutes long.

I know nothing about classical music but to my mind that is utterly beautiful. Listening to it totally chills me out..and yet I can also hear so many emotions.....wonderful.

James Rhodes' website can be found here. He has recorded two CDs one which I have just taken delivery off called Razor blades, Little Pills and Big Pianos  and his latest release Now Would All Freudians Stand Aside.


  1. Lovely music. It just sort of transported me somewhere else for five minutes ... I had to stop what I was doing and listen. Thanks for that!

  2. Nice piece. I enjoyed listening to this. Cheers.

  3. Gald you enjoyed it Mrs B and PB - I'm about to listen to the CD and see if it puts me in the mood to write something serious:)Possibly, I may be better of listening to the theme tune from The Magic Roundabout - but it's still early in the morning:)

  4. You are so very cultured. Not in the biological sense... :) Great piece. I've enjoyed listening to it. I may come back for more. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mr I,

    Now sssshhh..I'll let you into a's all a ruse...ssshhhh. I really like pop music but Mrs A will string me up by my bra if I don't make an effort..sshhhhhhh.....


  6. Hoorah!

    But why do you feel the need to qualify with "I know nothing about classical music"? Nobody is going to test you before you are allowed to listen to any of it.

    (Stops before looking for nearby soapbox and starting up about perceived elitism of classical music...)


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