Sunday, June 20, 2010

Early Morning Insomnia

The insomnia is back. Not that it ever went away but it has been much better in recent months. Not tonight though. So having lain in bed perusing over various matters I thought I might as well get up and do something before I drove myself nuts by deliberating too much with questions like these;

a) Am I having a hot flush? ( Windows closed, thick winter quilt on)

b) Does my itchy hand mean I have fleas or I'm about to spontaneously combust? (Skin repairing itself after scalding myself badly last weekend in the kitchen.)

c) Do I have cervical cancer as a result of a medical cock-up? ( Letter arrived yesterday inviting me for smear test when I had one less than 2 years ago.)

d) Is Doctor Who finally going to come a cropper after being trapped by all his enemies for supposedly causing the cracks in time? ( Penultimate episode to last in current series screened last night.)

e) Will I have time to get to the supermarket tomorrow morning before Mr T realises it's Father Day? (Whoops)

f) Why are men so different from women? (Everytime Mr T takes his pants off.)

g) Can we ever justify euthanasia? (Put my cat, Miss Cleo, to sleep last week.)

h) Do I have diabetes? ( Went to the loo in the night.)

i) If Master Sam goes to university shall I put a running machine in his empty(ish) room?

j) What time is it? (I've been thinking for a long time......)

Yes, these are some of the many questions that slip through my head at night. The other one that frequently turns up is;

"Why do things always seem worse in the night?"

Do you think it's something to do with the darkness? Or is it because when it's quiet we are better able to reflect? Or is it because there's no one awake to share our fears with?


Anyway, to avoid answering the majority of the above questions I decided to get up and do something! So I thought I'd post one of my favourite entries from all the songs that people suggested for my post Music Monday; Just How Will You Say Goodbye? I listened to all the songs and thought they all had merit as "Last Songs". I particularly liked Willow Tree  by Chad VanGaalen as suggested by Eddie from the Cliffwalk. It's simple and sort of sweet. (Although I'm reserving judgement at the mention of kerosene - listen out for it!)

Pretty good eh? Oh, it's just touching 4am and the dawn chorus is beginning. Now that's a sound I don't mind hearing in the night - the end of darkness and the beginning of light. Hoorah. Sleep tight everyone.


  1. Insomnia..No fun! And, easy things to keep thinking about..I, for one, understand it. How do you catch up with missed sleep? Do you have a few minutes during the day to freshen-up nap? Or, do you stay up to the next night, and then sleep better? It can't be easy with kids in the house and all the activities they have. ugh.

  2. To a certain extent Tami I've acclimatised myself to having the minimum of sleep but occasionally when I've had less than 4 hours I do have a kip for an hour in the day if my schedule allows it - although as a rule I prefer to slog it out and try for a better nights sleep the next night:) It is a real pain though on those really bad nights because those ones really do affect my abilities. It seems to go in cycles - at the moment it's actually pretty good so unless I get woken up for a reason (light sleeper) I'm getting about 6 hrs a night. For me that's briliant:)

    About once a month I have a night where I sleep like I've had a hammer on the head! There was one where I slept through a (mild) earthquake we had here!!! (Although according to Mr T I still managed to comment on it even in my sleep!! )

  3. Sometimes I relish the thinking time and kind of write in my head as I lie in the dark. I have a couple of mental exercises that are effective when I need to disengage my brain and SLEEP, though. If I spot your email address on here, I'll send them!

  4. That's a great song. Just the sort of song I like. Must track down his other stuff. Neat animation too. (Not quite sure why you took exception to the mention of kerosene though.)

  5. Heather - I know what you mean; the silence of the night can sometimes be quite productive:) But other times it's just exhausting - any new ideas are most welcome. Email on upper r'h side. Thanks:)

  6. Well PB let me explain about the kerosene:) Well firstly I was thinking he was gonna be buried under the willow tree ...kind of a nice idea. Then along comes the he's gonna sail away.. again quite nice.... AND THEN he's gonna be burnt to a cinder doused in kerosene... not quite so nice an image...

    "Oy Lads, Let's set the old geezer alight! Whack that kerosene on with some lighter fuel will ya? Don't forget those old wooden pallets....."

    See what I mean? I just wanted to imagine a wholesome little fire..maybe with a candle or something:))

  7. Mrs. T, I am now thankfully over the sleepless nights. It was being woken up in the night by being drenched in sweat, waist up and having your toes feel like they're freezing, that was the worst. How about music through headphones--classical, smooth jazz?

  8. Excellent idea Sue:) Strangely enough listening to music through earphones is Mr T's latest fad.

    Mind you, he listens to Leonard Cohen so I'm not complaining:))


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