Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is George Clooney the only man ever to look good in a beard?

It's early morning; the kinda time when I get serious and start philosophizing. So I just wanted to ask this question...

Is George Clooney the only man in existence who has ever looked good in a beard??? (I'm going to exclude Jesus here because I don't want to be deducted any brownie points.)

Yep, I'm afraid the answer is a resounding yes. And he's even managed to coordinate the grey with his hair! Stunning, simply stunning. Yep, I'd sacrifice myself to pimples and mild facial abrasions just to snog George with a beard. And look at those eyes! Grrrrrrrrrr! Darn it, I've always preferred older men (although I rule out the over 70s - well unless it 70 million.) I mean when you can date an older guy who's seen a bit of life and is (cough, cough) experienced and looks like George why would you date a guy barely out of nappies and who probably twitters whilst he's on the toilet like Ashton Kutcher? Nope doesn't make sense... Yeah, so Ashton's got youth on his side but let's talk brains here.....

Hmm...nice empty space there. Enough said.

Does George Twitter? Nah, I can't believe he does - far too smart and if he ever did he'd probably pay some guy with a PHD to do it for him.

Anyway, I have to admit to a really serious error of judgement. When I first dated Mr T he had a moustache. Yep, I don't know what I was thinking. I must've been having some serious PMT problems at the time. Fortunately, he got rid of it after a while. I can't remember exactly how long now but... ummmm... it could have been several years.

What the hell was I thinking?! I'm definitely a gal for the clean shaven look....although I don't mean the David Beckham style which probably means waxing all over so he looks like Barbie's playmate Ken. Yuck. You know, I'm of the impression that hair is a good thing on a guy in certain areas.... I mean have you seen some of those intimate areas, Ladies? Uh huh. They should definitely be covered up! They're just not a pretty sight are they? Yep, when "God created man in his own image" he was obviously having a bit of a bender. Let's face it; he did a grand job with women but when he got to man he'd run completely out of ideas and just did some doodling. Maybe he'd had a night out on the town and thought having dangly bits would be funny? He obviously didn't think of the problems of designing ergonomic underpants. Yep, show me a man happy with his underpants and I'll show you a man who wears braces.

Anyway. It's now 6.36 and I'm off to have my brekky. It's hard life contemplating these issues and I need sustenance. Gez, it's tough being a Housewife Extraordinaire.


  1. Well, Mrs Turley, wait till you've gone through men-opause.

    Very funny post :)

  2. He had a MOUSTACHE????
    And yet you went ahead...

  3. Hello Kate, and welcome to My Witty Ways:)

    Ahhh... the men-opause. A period in my lfe that I will embrace with open arms... and HRT:)

    Mrs A, Yes, yes I know, I was a mad, mad fool:) However, in my defence the moustache was removed by the time of the wedding- there's was no way I was marrying anyone with a dead slug on their upper lip. (Long live Blackadder.)

    ( I'll show you a piccy sometime - after he shaved it off he looked about 20 years younger - imagine my disappointment - I thought he was 65 and on his way out and I would just screw all his cash out of him:)) Then I realised he was much, much I'm praying for Alzheimers.

  4. It must have been a thing at that time - I also had (notice the past tense) a penchant for moustaches - even young-looking Mr M sported one in his youth!

  5. Now Mrs M,

    Let me first say I never, never, never had a penchant for moustaches! I was more intrigued by Mr T's assets elsewhere at the time...

    Primarily his ability to paint the ceilings without use of a ladder. So much more convienant:)

    Hmm...Mr M had a moustache?! This is indeed worrying! For I cannot imagine Mr M with a moustache - please bring a photo to next book club - I will ask the other ladies to bring along any photos of their other halves sportng this ridculous attire for a mutual laughter session:)

    Well Mrs M, I conclude both of us have had lucky escapes - neither of us married Rolf Harris:)

  6. Heh, the whole creationist thing doesn't sit well for men really. After all, if you were a guy building something, you have to be pretty drunk to finish it off like that :) "Yep, I know what this needs - something that'll get a laugh!"

    But I thought women weren't so shallow as to go for looks anyhow? Or is that just something you say to us ugly blokes, whilst praying for cash? 8D

  7. Too true Roxy, men are definately not good at the creationist thingy. This I know from observing Mr T and his experimentation with DIY.

    Well I'll not deny I like a good looking man! However, Gorgeous George is so handsome I bet most blokes fancy him as well:))

    Personally I go for intelligence and humour; it would be a dull, dull life without any laughs:) Add in a pleasant face that doesn't remind me of Liberace's corpse and I'd consider a bloke "hot"!

  8. Still laughing. I actually think God did a decent job creating men and all that befalls the gender. Of course, that's easy for me to say as I don't have to contend with the maintenance and transportation issues.

  9. Nooo...when I have a beard, I look WAY better than I normally do. This may well be something to do with the fact you can see less of my face, which is always going to be better...but it doesnt matter. The question was does any man look good in a beard apart from Clowny. And the answer is hell yes.

  10. Haven't laughed this much since ... well never. Why didn't I find your blog before?? You're a champ Mrs. T :D

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Hello Heather!

    Well I agree that some parts of a guy are quite attractive:) I like the biceps. And a nice butt goes down quite well too:))

    Well I'm glad that I don't have maintenace and transportation issues like men! Though some girls do have "up top" I suppose. Not me - even with a roll of sticky tape the best I can do is look like Keira Knightley's older sister:)


    Now, now don't put yourself down! You're a handsome young fellow!
    By "Clowny" I assume you mean Gorgeoys George?? Outrageous to refer to the Wonderous One in such a manner. However I have given it some thought and I'm prepared to add Russell Crowe to my list. That makes 2 blokes then....

  13. Madhumita,

    Hello Madhumita and welcome to My Witty Ways. I am delighted you found my post amusing:) I am always thrilled when someone new takes the time to comment, so thank you very much:)

    Ahhh... The Las Vegas Ambulance service has arrived! Love the original comments:) Do you get discounts?!

  14. Ummmm....hello?

    1. I am deliberating an answer.

      It's a tricky one. You put me in a bit of a tight spot, Chaunce. If I say "hot" your ego will be grossly inflated and if I say the opposite you'll be plummeted into the depths of writer's depression.

      I'm not sure I could bear the effects of either. However... I could write a Haiku about it tomorrow. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. A haiku it is!


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