Thursday, November 12, 2009

Name The Pig!

Firstly, I've not bought a Barbour jacket, green wellies and built a sty in my back garden. (Although with my kids wrecking it on a weekly basis "sty" is a fairly good description.)

Neither have I bought a small herd of pigs despite the fact bacon every morning is a tempting proposition. And let's not even mention sausages - I can work wonders with a sausage.

Gez, those jars of Homepride Sausage Casserole Sauce are just great aren't they?

I love sausages though and you can read my earlier thoughts on sausages here. If you want. No pressure; I still haven't bought my Christmas cards yet.

Well anyway I'm looking for the name of for a pig because over at The View From Here I've written an article on science fiction which has a Name the Pig competition attached to it. All you have do is pop over, enter your name for a pig in the comment section attached to my article and you could win signed copies of The Holy Machine and Marcher by award winning science fiction author Chris Beckett who is featured in my article.

Chris Beckett is the 2009 winner of The Edge Hill Prize for a collection of short stories by a single author. His winning entry The Turing Test is published by Elastic Press in 2008.

So some nice (and preferably amusing) piggy names please. And no one say Porky.

Coming next; the results of my Name The Pussy competition!


  1. Since the pig is fictional and won't be slaughtered, I'll vote for Wilbur. Not original, I know, but I can't help myself. My second submission would be Lady GaGa.

  2. You could go with something simple like: Ralph or Jack.... Keeping in mind that the names have a more sinister background. (Characters from Lord of the Flies... fight for Piggy's soul) Good versus evil...

    Or since it's scifi, maybe something chemical/technical like H1N1. No you're thinking aren't you? :)

  3. Lawyer Mom,

    Lady Ga Ga - has a certain ring to it. What about Lady Wildenstein?

    Mr I,

    I like the sci fi idea! H1N1 is good:)

  4. Sir Francis Bacon

    or Lady Frances Bacon

  5. Excellent Mrs A!

    Historical references always please me:)


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