Friday, November 20, 2009

The Cliff Walk

There's not a lot of culture on my blog so today I thought it would be nice to post Easterland(for Mary) a slideshow from someone who does know a bit about culture and that's Eddie Mchugh whose photography blog is a long term favourite of mine. The Cliff Walk can be found permanently on my sidebar. You can also check out Eddie's work at The London Photographic Association where his work has received recognition for its artistic merits.

Eddie is largely self taught in the area of photography having previously spent 30 years or more painting. However he now exhibits his photography in exhibitions as far a field as London, Canada and the United States. Based in the US, Eddie's pictures are an an eclectic portrayal of his life in the Pacific Northwest. His pictures range from portraits and scenic shots to the quirky comical and bizarre.

For someone like me who isn't well travelled discovering Eddie's blog was quite a revelation. So much of what we see over here in the UK of the United States is dictated by what we see in the media. I see plenty of shots of Washington, New York and LA and all of it flavoured with either the lights of Hollywood or big shot politicians. It's all the glitz, glamour and the intrigue of shows like Friends and Miami Vice. What I like about Eddie's blog is that it illustrates the other side of the US which reminds me of childhood programmes like The Waltons and The Little House on the Prairie; a simpler less urban existence.

And of course, it also shows me how beautiful a country the US is and who knows, with any luck, one day I might get to see it in the flesh.

Ps; You won't pick up this slideshow by feedburner as being so incompetent I don't know how to embed it within a post! When I've figured it out I'll do it! (About 2015 going by my previous track record.) In the meantime please come over and view it underneath my heading!
Thanks to all you folks who viewed Eddies slideshow whilst it was here on my blog. You can now view Easterland (for Mary) and two of Eddie's slideshow's in a bigger screen but clicking this LINK


  1. Am trying to watch slide show but my computer is not cooperating. If you want to see some gorgeous, gorgeous shots of "middle America" check out Ann Althouse's blog. The link, I think, is

  2. America certainly is comprised of more than large metropolitan areas. It's good to see it shared so beautifully.

  3. Great photos - wonderful images - and to the sound of Regina Spektor too (I think). What a treat. Some of those shots reminded me of Andrew Wyeth paintings. It certainly is a spectacular landscape. Thanks, Mrs T.

  4. What do you mean "no culture on this site?" There's all sorts of culture here. Buried beneath the laughter and unorthodox approaches you'll find a wealth of culture. You just have to be creative and open-minded to experience it. Anyway, Easterland (For Mary) by Eddie is lovely. Very special.... Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  5. Footsteps,

    Indeed; I've learnt a lot since I started blogging and what a valuable experience its been:)

    Thanks Lawyer Mom, I'll certainly check that out:)


    What I like about Eddie's work is the mixture... there are perhaps far more spectacular scenic shots on his blog but this slideshow really gives a full flavour (I think) of Easterland. Stunning scenery living side by side by man made oddities, decay and ruin...

    It was some of Eddie's shots that I used for my review of TSGOTP:)

    Mr I,

    Charmer! You are determined to get my secret flapjack recipe aren't you?!

    Thanks anyway for the cultural compliment - it is much appreciated:)

  6. I've already hacked your flapjack recipe... Those are great! I'm going for the gusto here. :) The whole enchalada!

  7. Thank you Jane for posting this..

    Just getting to commenting after a long hiatus..

    Merry christmas to you and your family!!!!


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