Sunday, August 9, 2009

Music Monday; Say What You Want!

One of the best things about blogging is having the freedom to express yourself, to Say What You Want. Sometimes it really helps the healing process to get things off your chest.

So it's time for me to say what I want. Loudly.

Why, O Why did I have to get to get a ****** puncture! Why, why, why????

(Screams akin to a woman just about to have all the blood sucked out of her by Tony Blair reverberate across the Home Counties....... )

Why, why, why???? Someone please tell me the answer!

And no - the story doesn't end there. Unfortunately.

Why, why, why did I have to hit the kerb?? And no, not just a normal itsy bitsy kerb but one of those stupidly high ones outside multi carparks which are strategically placed for maximum denting?

(Yep, you know what that means.)

Isn't it bad enough that people leave their cars (and gates) parked where they shouldn't? And what about those selfish people who can't pull out at junctions without having a man waving a red flag in front of them? It shouldn't be allowed! And now, not only do have to put up with these appalling inconsiderate persons, I have to be attacked by a vicious 2 inch nail and a badly constructed concrete kerb with a personality problem.

I tell you it just isn't fair. I swear to God I am doomed to walk this earth in the afterlife as a ghost strapped in a hideously malformed Ford Cmax.

Right, I feel (marginally) better now. Although that could also be on account of the large bottle of whiskey on my desk.

Anyway, here's someone else who says what she wants, and a lot better than I do.

Fab. Want to hear some more Texas?

Thanks Sharleen . Things can only get better. Well maybe.

So long as I start walking everywhere.

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  1. Which multi-storey attacked you?
    Not the one in LB I hope - surely that one is far too well-behaved what with the award-winning loos and all...

  2. Yes I'm afraid it was the won with the award winning loos Miss Hyde - which actually I was thinking of doing a post on - Cos I've noticed a few design faults!

    I guess it will come as no surprise to you that me and public toliets just do not mix!

  3. Whoops rather a bad homophone typo there! I give you permission to verbally reprimand me Miss Hyde:)

  4. I've always liked Texas..they're cool! My MM is up too.

  5. Oh no. First a ticket (and I was going to ask whether it's standard UK practice to leave the parking receipt on the outside of the screen rather than on the inside, on the dashboard, but decided not to...) and now a badly behaved multi-storey car park AND a puncture. Poor, poor, Lady T. I'll do my best to have you knighted after all, because you do seem to be benighted car-wise at present.

    So sure was I that your line - "Why, why ... tell me the answer!" - was going to lead into the Beatle's White Album track Helter-Skelter, with some obvious links about being stuck in a multi-storey, that, well, here's a YouTube clip you might enjoy:

  6. Now, I won't mention women drivers, i promised you that, but I think we should research the subject and why they are so bad.

  7. Not a good week for you then - you will surely need your holi-day!! Oh no . . . I can see a post coming up already about airports and the like as that surely must be a rich vein of material for someone of the Victor-ilk

  8. PB,

    It's true I am cursed of late regarding cars and such matters. However, I think I should just clarify that without the pucture I doubt I would have hit that kerb. And I went to the same carpark today and no icidents (beyond forgetting where the ticket was, having to repark the car and search through my bag)occured. Hoorah!

    Now I want you sit down and prepare yourself for some shocking news that I'm going to whisper in your ear...

    Ssshhhh... I'm not the biggest Beatles fan...... sshhhh.....

  9. Gary,

    Hmm...I'm guessing you'd like me to research that idea on your site?! I, on the other hand , think I should investigate why men always pee on the toliet seat:)

    Mrs M,

    Ah yes airports - not being familar with some of the odious delaying tactics of which I have heard many a tale I believe it is likely that I may have some experiences that may not be altogether positive:) (Especially as I will be travelling with 5 males.)


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