Friday, August 7, 2009

A Letter of Complaint

Vinci Park Services UK Ltd,
Milton Keynes Partnership Parking Office
PO BOX 597

Dear Sirs,

Ref CPN EG10570492

Please note the following;

• Cost of 4 cinema tickets; £18.00
• Cost of soft drinks and popcorn £ 12.00
• Cost of car parking £ 4.50

• Cost of gust of wind flipping over car parking ticket (supplied with no adhesive) £ 30.00

Total cost of outing (excluding petrol and stress) £64.50

Morals of this outing;

• Never expect an employee of Vinci Park UK Ltd Services to follow his heart or his morals.

• Always expect the worst from your fellow human and you will not be disappointed.

• When parking using the facilities of Milton Keynes Partnership always supply your own Sellotape, glue or adhesive.

• Always pray to God for calm weather.

• Remember to carry your blood pressure tablets and/or paracetamol with you at all times.

Finally; remember that everyone is always guilty unless proven otherwise – except in a court of law.

Yours with deepest affection,

Jane Turley


On a cold blustery day during an English summer I, Jane Turley, formerly a polite, patient, law abiding middle class woman finally blew my top. In doing so, the transformation was complete.

I became Victor Meldrew


  1. Hi Jane,
    I feel your pain. Join the ranks of the Livid Consumers. Funny stuff!
    Bring Back pluto

  2. Hi Bring Back Pluto, welcome to My Witty Ways!

    Yeah, I've been a slowly burning fuse of a dangerously high explosive for quite some time now! Now the metamorphsis into a raging woman full of moral injustices is complete I fear there will be no end to my complaining. I recall that famous quote from Admiral Yamamoto in Tora, Tora, Tora which seems quite appropiate;

    "I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant."

    Well I ain't sleeping any longer!

  3. Brilliant.

    That one matches my rant 11 page e-mail diatribe about Hotmail.

    Got that bad boy posted on my blog somewhere.

    At least you weren't passed to six different people.

  4. Well all pressure cookers burst at some time or the other . Brilliant post .

    And may I tell you Mrs T , this makeover is simply brilliant too . I do love those sexy legs and the even sexier shoes ?

  5. Thanks G.

    This is by no means the worst "consumer" experience I've had - BT (British Telecommunications) take the award for the most useless, uninformed and pathtic company - who after about 6 weeks of sheer consummate incompetance and then a final 2 complete days (And I mean two whole days) of my talking to them on the phone (about 30 people) actually made me breakdown and cry with frustration. But with this instance - I can't remember the last time- or if ever- I have been so consumed by anger to such a degree. It's the moral injustice - the fact I always do the right thing(like most normal folks) but it seems like it always spits in my face. Doesn't matter what it is - Health, Education... always, always there is no simple path. Bureaucracy has become so entrenched, so pedantic that it fails to see the individual- the human that is the heart of society.

    Here's another thing- that fine £30 (It £60 if you don't pay within 14 days) is grossly disproportionate to the so called "offence" - Even if I'd parked there all day and not approx 3 hours it would never have amounted to £30. I can't understand why the credit card companies are by law regulated for charging late payment fees (£12 I think) but these people can charge £ 30 - 60 pounds)! And if you think about it - £30 is more or less a whole days wage for someone on minium wage. It's outrageous.

    Well there you go - another rant! We're doin' just fine on the rant stakes between us aren't we?!

  6. Thanks Mrs G - I'm pleased you like the design. It took some fiddling about but I think it was worth the effort. It's easy on the eye too which means I'll be staying with it for a good long time:)

    Yeah, I flipped big time Mrs G. I usually try to avoid flipping in front of the boys but this time I couldn't I help it. Do you know on the 25 min journey home not one of them said a word!(Which believe me is unheard of!)

    Hmm...maybe that means I should flip more often.....

  7. The frustration is the obsession with chasing law abiding, tax paying ordinary people through the courts or fining them, while turning a blind eye to much of the blatant law breaking that goes on.

  8. Hear, hear Miss Hyde

    Mrs T - I too have fallen foul of the wind-blown ticket syndrome but one nice letter to Vinci Park later and my ticket was rescinded. They obviously put the "jobsworth's" on the phones to generate payment from those too lazy to write to them!

  9. Good Morrow Mrs M - I trust you had a good holiday.

    Damn that blown ticket syndrome! Why can't they just provide ones with adhesive? Me thinks it is just a way of procurring extra cash.....


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