Sunday, August 16, 2009

Music Monday; It's Magic!

This last week has, I hope, marked a change in fortunes for my family as not only was my car parking fine rescinded but, more importantly, my elder brother got married! It was a warm, intimate wedding with only the closest of friends and family present which befitted a "second time around"wedding for both partners.

Some of you will remember that my elder brother's former wife died tragically last year. Subsequently, my brother assumed total responsibility for their daughter. While some relationships might have been stretched by the sudden arrival of an unexpected child 24 hours a day, it has been heartwarming to see how my brother's new partner welcomed his daughter in such sad and difficult circumstances. Their marriage now marks a new step for them as a family unit. Hopefully, it will be just the start of many future happy and healthy years together.

Now during the wedding reception there was some rather unusual music in the background. ( Well not the normal wedding sort anyway!) I suspect most people didn't notice due to the consumption of some rather large amounts of alcohol and the general lively conversation. However, I did! The first couple of tracks I recognised but thought no further of it and then a track came on and I realised my brother had been delving into his record collection. For confirmation, I turned around and mouthed "Did you put these together?" He nodded in affirmation and a smile passed between us of our shared musical tastes.

It's likely my brother and I share similar musical preferences because we are a little closer in age. There is only a 2 years age difference between us whereas there are 4 years between my sister and I and 4 years between myself and my younger brother. Over the years we've both listened to music as diverse as The Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Ultravox. However, without a doubt, my brother's knowledge of music is far more extensive than mine and many of the bands I came across during my teens, who were not obvious pop sensations, I first heard thumping through the bedroom ceiling from my brother's room. Maybe I wasn't so keen on The Clash, The B52s and The Skids but I kinda liked Nils Lofgren, XTC and, of course, the group I'm playing today- Pilot.

This is a great song and you know what - that title seems rather appropriate for a wedding.

It's Magic......

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  1. Congratulations to your brother!! What a wonderful pick!! I have always loved this song!!

    Happy MM:-)

  2. Thanks Jackie for your kind wishes! It's a lovely happy song isn't it? And it was just perfect for the day!

  3. It is a great choice of song...Happy MM!

  4. Thank you very much Life's Journey!


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