Saturday, July 18, 2009

You Don't Always Need A Name

Yesterday, I as was driving back from one of my many daily outings I was, as usual, listening to the local radio when the DJ played an excerpt from a new Michael Jackson song. As it happens the song is a cover of one of my all time favorite songs A Horse With No Name by the folk rock group America. I can't remember when I first heard this song but as it was recorded back in 1971 I think it must have been a long, long time ago! Nevertheless, despite the years having passed it remains a tune I am always pleased to hear. It's nothing brash or bold but it has a rather addictive, seductive quality.

The excerpt of Michael Jackson's version on the radio sounded very interesting and distinctly "Michael" whilst still retaining the underlying appeal of the original song. I later found a longer excerpt on You Tube in which I could hear the reworking of the song, which has been retitled A Place With No Name, a little better. Unfortunately, I think the excerpt is one short piece just played back-to-back, so I shall look forward to hearing the rest of it in the near future. However, I concluded that what I did hear, I liked. Generally I prefer to listen to songs in their original format but somehow I think I'm also really going to enjoy listening to Michael's version. Anyway, have a listen and see what you think!

And to break with tradition I'm going to dedicate these songs to one of my favourite bloggers The Man With No Name.



  1. Love the song [I associate it with my eldest, who sings it pretty well actually)!. Also thanks for putting up the Michael Jackson version.

  2. Oooh..a singer in the family Sue. How wonderful. I wish my boys could sing but I fear they're all tone deaf! Master Ben has the best ear though and occasionally remarks on songs on the radio and sings along but somehow I don't think he'll be making a career out of it:)

    The MJ version sounds pretty good though - I'm sure it will be a winner especially as most of the younger folks won't even remember the original - The DJ on the radio didn't!

  3. I always liked this song, but couldn't tell you a single other song by America.


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