Sunday, April 1, 2018

April A to Z : Apprehension of Unwelcome Readers.

At the very last minute, I have decided to sign up for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I am going to try and play along even if it is only for a few words a day.

So, as usual, I am just going to pick whatever word pops into my head or if anyone has any suggestions they will always be gratefully accepted. I suspect most of my words will be emotive words bearing in mind I am in a very emotional stage of life but, hopefully, I will also come up with a few of my zany posts too. (Hurrah!)

So let's start off with A is for Apprehension.  And get the dross out the way first. The primary noun definition of apprehension is:

"The anticipation of adversity or misfortune; suspicion or fear of future trouble or evil."

Now I have mentioned before that I have not written on my blog much for the past few years for a number of reasons. 

One of them is I have an unwanted reader.

This is someone who I know exists. I have met them on a number of occasions. Over the years, I have had many friends and sometimes relatives who have visited this blog and all have them have made their visits known to me at some point and I have enjoyed their comments, emails and feedback. And it has been a rewarding and often fun experience.

This person, however, has never mentioned to me, at any time, in person or by email or comment, that they read my blog and in recent years it has begun to fill me with apprehension to the extent that it has inhibited my desire to write.

I am not sure that this person comes here to be entertained. But for some other purpose.

Incidentally, I should mention it is not my soon to be ex-husband. Despite our recent differences, he is not that kind of man.

I am an open and honest person and I always say what I feel. I do not like living under what has felt like a silent threat. So today I end my apprehension and I will write whatever I feel and whatever I god-damn like. And should this person visit my blog in the upcoming days they must now feel the apprehension I have done. 

You may ask how I know this person exists.

The answer is I have been blogging for over ten years. During that time I have learnt a lot about the Internet and technology. I really am quite Internet savvy. I have pretty much experienced everything on the Net from anonymous admirers to stolen posts appearing on soft porn sites.

So there are 30 days in April. I am in an emotive and explosive mood. 

I could write anything

The tables are now turned. I have my custard pies stacked and ready to throw. Should I feel like it.

And if you, my dear and welcome readers, feel you have any insight, opinions or similar stories of this nature please do leave a comment.

And I would also love to hear from some of my genuine anonymous readers. Your continued support of my blog is always welcome.

Ps- if any of you anonymous readers are rich, single men I am still available. I come with an excellent sense of humour and a large backside. These are valuable assets especially to the visually impaired.


  1. Jane you are the best! "I come with an excellent sense of humour and a large backside. These are valuable assets especially to the visually impaired."

    1. I am alway hopeful, Sue, that a bit of good fortune (senile, blind rich bloke). I think it is time my fortunes changed....😁

  2. Hmm I'm trying to work out the benefits of a large backside. I guess it might come in handy for flattening your anonymous reader if you ever track them down lol

    1. Ah I know who this person is Wendy and where to find them. I am saving my ammunition for the most appropriate time. I have had enough now.

  3. It is inspiring to see that you came back to blogging. I sort of tried it a couple of years ago, but letf it almost immediately.
    This time I'll try seriously.
    I'm sorry about your stalker. Either could be some shy admiror, or an envious person. Anyway, it has done no real harm or menaces yet, so it seems peaceful so far.
    I had a stalker once, but only in Facebook. A very sad story. Got blocked.
    Don't let other people silent your voice. You have a lot to share with your real avid readers.

    1. Blogging is such fun, Hannelore. Do try to keep going. I know my stalker. I have ppl aged it cool so far but now I am beginning to lose my temper at the indirect encroachment on my life.

  4. My curiosity is very much piqued! Does this person throw things into conversation to indicate they read the blog?

    I'm looking forward to the pies! We get to eat them, right?! ;)

    A Bit to Read

    1. Thanks for dropping by IsaLee:) No this person never mentions anything. That is the cause of my concern. The secrecy is out of the norm for someone you know in real life. They have their motivations of that I am sure.

  5. Hello, I am a "new" reader, and I'm not sure if I'm wanted or not, but the only harm I pose is my misspelled words and improper grammar as I work my way through the A-Z challenge!

    1. Bad spelling and improper grammar is always welcome here Zulu Delta. And you are most definitely wanted:)


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