Monday, September 28, 2015

My World Comes Crashing Down

Oh. Dear.God. I've had the most horrible day. I am in terrible despair and must call into question my whole outlook on life.

Now I know, readers, that you will be concerned about poor Mrs T and curious to find out what has brought her to the edge of the insanity. So let me now regale you with the tragic event which has been the source of my misery and which happened this very afternoon...

Mrs T (moi) is having a bit of a jig to an unknown but rather catchy tune at the service counter in the restaurant at the tennis centre.

"Who is this?" says Mrs T the to the gentleman making her tea.

A flash of  horror passes across his face as he plops Mrs T on the counter.

"Justin Bieber," he replies.

And so, dear readers, my world came crashing down.

It's official. Mrs T has lost all her musical taste.


  1. Oh my! The music is "Okay" but I can't watch the entire video. LOL. He is just too young!!

  2. I don't mind watching young men, Paula, but I prefer the sporty types. In shorts:D

  3. Eew. It really is an awful video. Hard to believe they couldn't come up with something more original.

  4. Are we to assume you had any taste in the first place ;) lol


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