Friday, August 29, 2014

More Menopausal Stories

Good news, readers!

Yesterday I went swimming and I remembered to see to my bikini line! The bad news is - it was only when I was having my pre-swim shower that I realised I still had my reading glasses on my head.

Still, that was not quite potentially as bad as Wednesday when, after I had started up the engine on my car and was just to pull-out from the garage, I remembered I hadn't actually paid for my petrol.

It is possibly that sometime in the next couple of years I may be arrested for something that I have no idea of what I have done.

Please God, I hope it is not shoplifting. Please.


  1. Yes ... It's all a little worrying. I like to think that these 'senior moments' are a sign of being preoccupied with 'More Important Things' - but what might they be? I had it then - no ... it's gone! Tra-la-la. More coffee needed, obviously. It protects against dementia, they do say.

    1. Okay Mrs B - you've convinced me - I need more coffee. Gonna get myself a bulk order via Amazon.


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