Monday, August 25, 2014

Horror upon Horrors

Ladies, I know you will share this moment of ultimate horror with me...

Yesterday, I went swimming for the first time for several weeks. I walked leisurely along the side of the pool which was full of children, parents and a few foolhardy swimmers, like myself, who were prepared to brave the onslaught to our ears. I lowered myself into the pool and began to swim at a gentle pace, blotting out the noise and relaxing after a few fraught weeks.

And then, dear readers, I had my moment of ultimate horror.

I realised I had forgotten to shave my bikini line.


  1. That last line's a killer, Jane. But very funny....

    1. Unfortunately dignity doesn't seem to be something that comes naturally to me, Martin:D

  2. Do not fret, Mrs T. The joke is really on anyone who notices - curious kids swimming underwater with their eyes wide open or perverts, maybe? Having said that, I like to get to the edge of the pool enveloped in my towelling dressing-gown - the modern equivalent of the bathing machine - and my revealing swimsuit will only be revealed for the time it takes to ease into the water. We oldies, eh? So smug, so know-it-all ...

    1. I suppose I can count myself lucky, Mrs B, that I wasn't mistaken for a cat fish and speared by a passing fisherman.


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