I am on Twitter!

Yes, I've finally caved in and signed up with Twitter. Now that my manuscript is out the big wide world accruing rejections, I thought I'd better join up with Twitter in case some big hot-shot literary agent pops in and thinks I'm not taking this writing business seriously. So I decided it was time for Twitter- cos let's face it at my age offering sex for publication is not really a viable option. Apart from the fact that lots of literary agents appear to be women and I'm not a lesbian, I don't think white, size eighteen thermal knickers would go down too well on the casting couch. So it has to be Twitter.

So here I am: https://twitter.com/turleytalks

Now unfortunately, all the combinations of my blog title Witty Ways, Wayward Wife, Witty Wife etc etc as well as MY name were already taken. Pah!  So in the end I just had to settle for @turleytalks for my twitter handle.  I quite like it though and one thing's for sure I do actually do a lot of talking. I just hope I don't get sued. Fortunately, I've some wealthy relatives but I'm not sure if they'd cough up if I got sued for calling David Cameron a jackass.

Actually, I'd never call David a jackass; it's not his fault he went to Eton.

I could call Piers Morgan a jackass though. That's just true. You can't be sued for the truth surely?

Anyone with knowledge of libel laws please get in contact asap. Thanks.


  1. If you're on Twitter, does that make you a twit?

    Sorry, couldn't resist it....

    1. No apologies necessary, Martin! I was a twit before Twitter so I should feel at home there!

  2. Now if there was one thing that might make me join Twitter, it would be your tweets. I am sure you will soon have zillions of 'followers'.

    1. To be honest, after a week or so Mrs B, I am pretty sure it is not for me. There's no real engagement and it's a matter of who can shout the loudest - ie post the most frequently and there's some terribly insincere people. It's a time suck. I like blogging best:)

  3. Oh good! By the way, we are in good company: apparently, George Clooney is a Twitter 'refusenik'. Less is more!

    1. I know Mrs B - I looked him up. Just some saddos pretending to be him and some obsessive fans. Not me obviously. I was just planning to send him my cupcake recipe.


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