Thursday, November 7, 2013

A quick poem about my driving skills

Nissans are blue
Vauxhalls are green
I’ve hit them both
Which wasn’t forseen

Kias are trouble
But Nissans are worse
They sneak up on you
When you try to reverse

I’ve hit so many cars
The public are wary
And my husband's so cross
He looks rather scary

The police are on the lookout
For a woman on their list
Who looks like a loony
And drives like she’s pissed.

I’m hiding in the bathroom
Until the cops disappear
It wouldn’t be too bad
But the sewerage pipe’s sheared.

Where cars are concerned
I haven't had much luck
I'd probably be okay though
If I had a big truck


  1. Jane, you should put it to music and you'd be Victoria Wood!

    1. I am now going to the kitchen and am placing my head in the oven, Mrs B.....:)))))))


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