Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Emergency Post

I have an emergency, readers. Yesterday, I made a truly horrifying discovery that has left me reeling with fear and racked with anxiety. Why?

I  have discovered I have a grey pubic hair.

I'm not sure whether this means my life is over or whether I need to get a Brazilian.

Any words of advice or comfort on this matter will be gratefully received.


  1. :blink:
    Just one? Dude. You're behind. Chris Rock would say, "You better get crack a lackin lady!"

    No but seriously, it's a hair, in your underwear. Unless you purposely walk around naked? now *I* on the other hand have to regularly pull black, gray, and white hairs that appear OUT OF MY THROAT!! Like I'm the wicked witch of the east or something. yeah, last week? One came out of my CHIN.
    I think I'll just get full body electrolysis and save myself the trouble of spending the next ten years trying to keep them plucked.

    1. Do not talk about facial hairs, Sorcy. I have been afflicted by facial hair for eight years. I was only just staving off the depression caused by my facial hair and now I find I have a grey pubic hair. Life cannot get any worse.

      Throat hairs? My God, you really have it bad though. I feel ashamed to be moaning about my pubic hairs. I am praying for you.


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