Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Absent Writer

I am absent from my blog as I am two chapters away from finishing the first draft of my novel. I shall, of course, be back relatively soon with insane amounts of intellectual debate and some masterful drawings.

Incidentally, I discovered whilst doing research for my novel that the next UK election is May 7th 2015 - assuming there isn't a vote of no confidence in the meantime.

In you live outside the UK let me just qualify that is a vote of no confidence within parliament - if it was up to the electorate the coalition would probably be out on their backsides by now. Personally, I want the coalition to stay in power so I can see if Cameron and Cleggy avoid shooting each other before their time is up. I rather like the idea of Cameron and Cleggy and pistols at dawn. My money would be on Cameron because frankly he's posher so he probably has a bigger pistol - despite the fact that Cleggy is always bragging.

Anyway, this fixed term of parliament is because of the Fixed Term Parliament Act of 2011 which somehow I have managed to completely wipe from memory. I'm thinking I knew about it at the time but then, on the other hand, when there's the pressing matter of the size of Kim Kardishian's bottom to consider why would I remember anything so obviously trivial? Hmm.

Where there you go - an interesting fact. You see you can learn lots of new and exciting things on this blog!

You know, I look forward to May 7th 2015. I think I'll go to the zoo. Seems appropriate anyway.

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