Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What A Balls Up - Adele at the Brits

Oh my goodness - did you watch the Brit Awards, The UK music industry awards, last night?

Absolutely hilarious. I cannot believe they cut Adele off at the beginning of her acceptance speech for Best Album to cut to pop/rock group Blur. Adele is the biggest thing in the music business at the moment - I'd hate to think of how much money our government has creamed off her in taxes - and the producers can't even give her five minutes of well deserved glory!

The irony of it is how many times I've listened to long winded, cringingly embarrassing acceptance speeches and Adele looked like she was just going to give what I would call just a " wholesome one."In other words - a speech where I don't have to do one of the following:

1.) Peep through my fingers as I do when I watch a horror movie when I am both appalled and yet strangely compelled to watch the gruesome events playing out in front of me.

2) Hide behind the sofa.

3) Throw up in a sick bucket.

4) Stick cotton wool in my ears


5) Emit various spontaneous phrases akin to;

 Oh dear God, I can't believe she/he/it said that!

 It's a good job her mother/father/entire family are dead because I don't think I can take anymore.

 I can't believe I am listening to this and (five minutes later) I can't believe I'm still listening to this and (five minutes later)  I can't believe I am still listening to this AND looking at that dress.

Remind me never to watch Titanic.

Somebody please, please, please tell her to STOP.

Do you think anyone's called the ambulance yet?

How do all those people sit there and NOT shove that Oscar up her arse?

I've finished War and Peace. Have you seen The Bible anywhere?

Shall we watch The Muppet Movie?

And this is just the Highlights? Oh dear God.

Pass me the double bore shotgun: I need to end it all.

Anyway, Adele was pretty annoyed and stuck her finger up which is not very lady-like. But, then again, that's what I do at most award ceremonies. So I kinda feel for her.


  1. Hi Jane, it was great telly though, wasn't it? Watching some TV producer muck up was a nice change from doing it myself I always find.
    And why oh why does it never happen when Kate Winset launches into one of her bum-numbing acceptance speeches?
    Anna May x

  2. True, Anna, true:)

    Generally, I find acceptance speeches (in whatever realm) pretty excruciating -I recall Roger Federer did an awful one at Wimbledon a few years back; I wanted to club him with his tennis racket.

    Kate Winslet? Say no more:)


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